Do you think the Mother's Day in the world is the second Sunday in May?Did you know that the Mother's Day in England was the fourth Sunday of the Lent?( Don't Know Here. ) Do you know when the Mother's Day started in Taiwan?Let us now spend the first time with a Mother's Day, which is the first time you don't know the first time we are happy with Taiwan.

In 1932, the Taipei Women's College of Women's College of Women held a Mother's Day celebration, with a Ph.D., and a student playing the Japanese 7Xicoqin.

In 1931 and 6 years, the first Mother's Day in Taiwan was held in May.

May Mother's Day in the United States, Miss Anna Jarvis lost her mother in 1905, and she was on her way, and on May 10, 1980, the world began to have Mother's Day.In 1914, President Wilson announced that the national flag should be flown on the second Sunday of May, and that the seeds of love and carnation could be rapidly drifting towards the world.

On Sunday, May 10, 1931, Taiwan also has its first Mother's Day.

Before the establishment of the Taipei Women's College of Higher Education, the original site was the Jome, and after the war, the women's colleges and universities became fluent Mandarin.

Just today, the Mandarin is very small in Taipei's Nanhai Road, and at the gate of the morning, the mother and daughter of the pair come together.Seventeen, eight-year-old female students and their mothers, either red or white, carnations.

Mandarin is the Taipei Women's College of Higher Education. It was recently run by a graduate of the Higher Women's School. It is the highest female institution in the Bay of Japan in the past two years.Former President Lee Teng-hui's wife, Tseng Wen-hui, is a famous alumnus.

The first Mother's Day in Taiwan is chaired Sugimoto

On the first Mother's Day in Taiwan, at 91st and at the beginning of the ceremony, President Sugimoto speaks on the topic. Nature surrounds the mother?and the days of the day (Mother's Day).Then a film called "The Life of Life" was played, and it ended.The assembly is simple, but it is an important milestone in the history of women's life in Taiwan.

From the first group of admission to the Taipei Women's College of Higher Education published in the newspaper of the year, there are eighteen of the 86 students who have children in Taiwan.In other words, there are also Taiwan women who jointly depict the beautiful side of the first Mother's Day in Taiwan.

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