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At 30, do you start to like yourself? People have to face a series of challenges, like women and unmarried women who are married . Singletons have single troubles , and married people are married.At the age of the watershed, practice is practicing finding a sense of self and family identity , and then honestly facing an almost perfect love and releasing the mind of the heart to welcome happiness .


Beautiful vanessa (Hu Kai-li), a fire brigade in the eyes of family friends, has a great mission; Vanessa's success and great fate cannot change the fate of her fallen dog until the emergence of Wayne (Siew Weifeng).

Wayne, a college classmate of his younger brother Andy, has been fascinated with Vanessa from the age of the student. As the years changed, the small fur became the perfect lover in the eyes of a woman. Once again, the two people quickly fell into love, and decided to join hands to live together in a sweet cohabitation.

At this point, the younger brother of deserters, sister who faced emotional crisis, retired father and mother of good care came up to stir up trouble. How can Vanessa find out how to deal with the problem and save her own love?

About movies

[30 tension] is a movie that makes people think of first love, a courageous movie that reminds me of past love. There are a lot of romantic plots and family members who are adorable and abhorrent, often create trouble, and have a big headache for the female lead.The directors believe that two people coming from different cultures, educational or social backgrounds will encounter a lot of problems. We should find a sense of self-family recognition, reduce comments that are too simplematy to others, and then be honest about a love that is almost perfect. Each friend who enters a new relationship will be able to welcome his happiness with a broader perspective.

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