"Women's Fan salon" she told him: use gadgets to improve efficiency

Womany woman fan X illuk! Illustrator Team co-founder Olive Lee X computer toy Webmaster

You are always dealing with emergencies, and you want to face the job more calmly.
You're always stuck with a lot of trivia and you want to have more of your own time.

Limited time, too much work
Is there a way to sort it out?

Can one key optimize work flow, click can make life again intelligent?
Womany for you to invite ...

"Illuk! Illustrator Team "co-founder and well-known blog" Computer plaything "webmaster,
Teach us to use all kinds of intelligent tools, to store trifles, to document objects,

Let's get back to life with efficiency!

"About the ladies ' salon."

Sharon, originated in France in 17th century, from a few intelligent women began to invite scholars from all walks of life to discuss various topics. They promoted the Enlightenment and made France the center of its culture. They not only changed the world, but also let women know that we can not only beautiful but also smart.

In Taipei in the 21st century, Womany wants to work with you and you and her to build your own salon culture. Let us practice life together, capture inspiration, take the initiative to get closer to the unknown but want to know more and more; we can not only learn together, know the new she and he, let Sharon not only is a joyful thought gathering, but also in the new form, let us become better.

Women are obsessed with Sharon, digging up the best possible life
Let's be charming and smart together

"Large content decryption"

Olive: Use gadgets to help you make a complete number of dreams
The first step to a successful venture

  • Small team work Assistant: Easy to do information sharing across the platform

  • Time-saving and labor-saving communication method: With the painting can also pass!

  • Three minutes to master the station tips: Easy to stand platform sharing

Be one of the most efficient freelance workers-the secret to a 48-hour day!

  • My office is all over the place: a job tip that starts when you sit down.

  • Can be simple do not complicate: original email also has SOP?

Esor: Make good use of the digital work method, grasp the secret of success earlier than others

  • About laziness: No need to organize is the best finishing!
  • About procrastination: Slow down, actually faster.
  • About forgetfulness: Use your second brain to actively change memories
  • About distraction: The original small touch fish can also become a big innovation!
  • About loose: Start a lazy Savior, easy to manage big things

"Speaker Introduction"

  • Olive Lee

illuk! The co-founder of the illustrator team is also a special translator of the technology company. Once appointed Womany special editor, Air American language explanation teacher. Dare to try to dream people, believe that "change" do not have to wait for someone else to complete-be the changes you want to look.

is a linguistics geek, trying to write, the best skill is translation. Fascinated by art, and all the creative careers that make life interesting. Especially like to think while running, to use digital tools to release and organize the endless stream of inspiration, the day into two days to use is a necessary effort. Believe that as long as you really like it, what else can not do the best?

  • Computer plaything

Love network technology, action applications, but the mobile phone, computer but like to use the broken only to change, not chasing the latest 3C, convinced that soft power can be transformed work efficiency, quality of life, look forward to one day the entire digital life, to the cloud to manage. Writing computer plaything blog for six years, efforts to promote the new concept of action work.

"Moderator Introduction"

  • Lulu Tsai

Women are obsessed with womany. NET co-founder, but also the brand ambassador and marketing planning and handyman sister.

I have worked in the Deloitte public accounting firm, working overtime to late at night, and realized the importance of using tools. Believe that life needs to be well sorted out, wine and smile is the best antidote, there is nothing to do, smile after you can start again!

"Intimate Little Bulletin"

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