What does your heart love look like?

Last Saturday at the weekend,Womany held a second woman's fan salon . The invitation was two film critics: A woman fan of the special reporter, and run the blog "Time Inkstone" for many years of time inkstone. The other is senior film critic Huang, who has "to leave: why to see the film." The whole lecture by woman fan Womany co-founder two Miss bring up the joyful atmosphere, let the time of Inkstone and Huang with happy mood with all the audience talk about the idea of love. Let's take a look at the most essential content of the day!

"This is the most perfect love in my mind." 」

The time of the Inkstone began as "Love in the Dawn","Love at sunset in Paris ," and "Love at Midnight Greece" under the endorsement. He said that Celine and Jesse from the beginning of the "Meet" to "reunion" to the final "maintenance." He said his favorite love movie must be "love at sunset in Paris," because it is "the two people get along back to the beginning of the missed , it is a blessing is also a pity."

When it comes to "love in the middle of the night", the time of the Inkstone said that from the beginning to really join the real life. Jesse and Celine have been promoted from lover to family , which means a higher and broader relationship and meaning to everyone. So what can be left after nine years of continuous and refined? This is related to Jesse and Celine at this age of understanding. After watching the film, the time of the Inkstone think that the partner is still constantly saying and is willing to listen to each other talk. For the time of the Inkstone,

So the feeling of rambling gossip, to be able to continuously reconnect, is the best dialogue between two people, but also in his mind the most perfect appearance of love.

"People don't necessarily have to communicate to be able to manage feelings," he said. 」

Soft voice to the infinite warm to the sun, her views on love is what? She said:

"In one's life, it seems like a line, but in fact the middle overlaps a lot of times." 」

To the XI, even at this moment you think that the state of drift, in fact, there are many lines overlap, forming a subordinate to the greater fate of all. Like Jesse. His life is actually a double state, because he wants to be like many characters in his book. His mind is rarely in the present place, but scattered in many places, so he has many aspects of psychological state. And then we analyze the Celine. The Celine she saw was a constant attention to the subtleties of the corner, a woman who devoted herself wholeheartedly to one thing. Creative and imaginative Celine plus the mind in multiple space-time of Jesse, how to work together to spend real life?

In the movie, the two leading protagonists of dialogue are not her ideal lover in real life, she doesn't think words can be communicated accurately.

"Like two nebulae, even if not in the same universe, even though he has no way in my life to tell me exactly what I want to say, I will be happy to see the starry sky." 」

What kind of spark will be produced in the dialogue between the romantic and the emotional and the time when she is with reason and enjoys sharing all the life with the other half?

And she said to him, "Time's Inkstone X Huang."

Then the two miss led two speakers to start a wonderful love dialogue.

  • Miss Two: Do you believe in love at first sight? Do you think love is accidental or inevitable?

Time of Inkstone (hereinafter referred to as Inkstone): Love at first sight such a plot is happening in the film. I believe that fate is definitely a necessary ingredient. Even if the right person, love is not to be forced. Love is what you can't get if you don't work hard. If you don't find a way to shine, you won't get it. If you don't present yourself in the way you want it to, you can't attract the person you want. (Recommended reading:"Love at First sight" how high is the chance of happening to yourself?) )

  • Miss Two: So you think you should make yourself the kind of appearance you want to attract him. So what about the sunrise?

Huang (hereafter referred to as the following): I believe AH. See your first eye, you are hair light, so naturally have the opportunity to continue to develop. In fact, I do not feel that there is a chance and inevitable such a two-yuan relationship. I attach great importance to the accidental and inevitable, so that the instantaneous occurrence, which makes me very fascinated.

  • Miss: Two what do you think of the existence of a third party?

Inkstone: If you see "Spend the years" the first woman cut off, only to see the feelings of men and third party, it is undeniable that it is an indelible feeling. I will see whether there is a deception, a reluctance, or a real meaning in it. If the original relationship is already empty, the other one may not be wrong. Your life is only once, you have to make choices for your life. What I mean by deception is that if there is a third party in a relationship, does this person know that he is a third? That's what I care about. (Recommended reading: Small Three is only love, collocation is Life )

XI: This single problem actually involves several different aspects, and the final decision is how you prioritize your priorities. If you are a third person today and true love is the first priority for you, then you will enter a world that is only you two. Or you each live each other's lives, but in a sense the two parties are still in love. I think the question for the third party is how everyone accepts and understands their complexity. When you understand what you think of a third party, you add that tolerance to another person.

  • Miss Two: What do you think of the quarrel?

Xi: It's dangerous to quarrel. Before you quarrel, you must make sure that the other person is the same type of quarrel as you are. Be positive about the argument, but be very, very careful, because everyone doesn't like to comment with negative words.

Inkstone: I'm going to make a plan for everything. I would be very panicked if I didn't follow the plan. I think holding on to the rational to deal with, I am afraid to fall into the irrational state. It's impossible to pick up the table until it floats. If you refuse to communicate and let the quarrel rest, you still leave the untouchable wound. It still hurts if you don't touch it. So I'll think it's necessary to quarrel.

At the end of the lecture, the words of Xi-XI and the inkstone of time seemed to remain in the whole space, and many viewers stayed to communicate with their speakers. She and he in an afternoon, from the movie love story slowly tell the real world of emotion . We see their two unique love view, I believe that come to lecture you also contaminated a lot of love taste it!

Accidentally miss this woman fan Salon You, must come to listen to see, and step out of the house with the same love of women fans womany together to a fan salon bar!

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