The season quietly into the slightly cooler early autumn, the beginning of your hand is no longer ice coffee, but to drink can let body and mind are warm up herbal tea, sipping hot drinks, happy white smoke, for your busy day to bring a touch of a rare sweet. But when you are more and more in love with the leisure time, also choose to drink tea bags and tea, whenever the tea, will not be reluctant to discard the texture so good tea bag or tea residue?

Green Tea, sweet-scented Osmanthus oolong , black tea , and exotic Herbal tea , is the most popular female consumers of tea varieties, and according to different varieties and origin, tea contained in the antioxidant There will also be small changes in composition and content. However, as long as the variety is pure, the tea head is usually rich in water soluble vitamins, including vitamin C and B vitamins, by drinking tea, can be directly absorbed by the human body. But you know, tea in the nutrition, but also can make the hair become glossy, calm the sun and hair after the sensitive skin, soothe the annoying black eye, treatment by mosquito bites itch, and remove the mouth smell? Now enjoy those after the bubble is not willing to lose the tea bag, all collected it! The beautiful secret in the tea bag is now on the stage!

Secret of the 1. Tea bag for a U Liangliang hair

Boil a lightly fermented green tea or Ceylon tea with boiling water for 15 minutes, then cool for a few hours or put aside for the next day. To shampoo, use prepared tea for hair run silk, tea in the antioxidant components, can promote the blood circulation of the scalp, so that hair quality become healthy and strong. Soak for 10 minutes, let the hair root and scalp are fully absorbed into the tea, and then use the normal shampoo and run hair milk, do the second wash, for the hair lock gloss bright. (Extended reading: easy to have an enviable hair )

Secret of the 2. Tea bag to calm the sensitive skin after the sun

Accidentally sunburn, but temporarily can not find aloe vera gum, or sunburn ointment? It doesn't matter, as long as you have tea bag around, you can rest assured! A tea bag is usually not large enough to cover the entire face, and in order to make it better, you may need to collect 8 to 12 tea bags; Whether you use the Earl Black Tea or the local black tea in Taiwan , the effect is very good! ( don't miss Womany's quick flash snapped: Shansen is lucky to have a good time with you!) as pictured above, bundle all the tea bags together and boil them in boiling water for five minutes. Wait until the condensed hot tea cooled to a lukewarm state, tea bag no longer hot, the tea bag one by one in the face of sunburn, apply at least 15 minutes. If your skin is particularly sensitive, cover the tea bag with a cotton t or a thicker paper towel and soak in the tea. Then use the way of pressing, let the sting slowly disappear.

Secret of the 3. Take the tea bag to soothe the itch after the mosquito bites

Every time you go out to play or picnic , it is inevitable to bring back some helpless souvenirs, such as a mosquito bite on the feet of a red bean ice, so that people can not stop trying to catch, but also afraid of leaving ugly scars. Next, may as well collect the drink lemon Grass tea bag (lemon grass tea), the yang gan chrysanthemum cha bao (chamomile), puts the bubble tea bag in the place which bites, the lemon grass and the chamomile flavor not only can calm the mood, Apply in the itching place after a while, will also slowly no longer itch.

Secret of the 4. Tea bags can eliminate dark circles

The most not to mention, about the beauty effect of tea bag, that is, it can help eliminate eye edema, as well as the temporary dark circles caused by late night! When you finish the sweet-scented osmanthus black tea or Earl Black tea, you can use a hairdryer blow dry or tea bag natural air-dry, and then put into the refrigerator for 1-2 hours. Then, gently apply the chilled and dried tea bags to your eyelids. Remember, not more than 20 minutes, especially when the tea has begun to change temperature, the tea bag completely out of the eyes. Of course, this little recipe still has to go with ample and complete sleep , so that the melatonin released during sleep helps Metabolize, and your dark circles can be effectively improved.

Secret of the 5. Tea bag to calm skin after hair removal

In addition to the skin to do a preliminary calm, green tea bags of natural catechin can also be used to soothe the skin by DIY, or after laser caused by the pan-red flesh, to achieve effective resistance and itching effect Oh!

Secret of the 6. Soak the tea bag, can quickly solution greasy!

Usually outside to eat, regardless of the use of their own or restaurant lunch box, tableware , you certainly do not want to hand on the sticky food, make you uncomfortable. If you have a tea bag with black tea (moist frozen top oolong , or glycol Sun Moon Lake Carbuncle , are a good helper to greasy); After the tea, the tea bag a little twist, you can wipe the tableware or lunch box in the grease! And after the use of environmental protection chopsticks, if in the present can not find a place to clean, can also use a bubble tea bag instead of rags or napkins. Let you no matter where to eat, can keep both hands refreshing, and save a lot of toilet paper dosage!

Secret of the 7. Tea bags make you feel at ease at any time!

Tea for the elimination of the smell of the mouth of the effect is very significant, if you do not want to drink strong tea, will be a little soaked tea in the mouth, bitterness decreased, but the effect is not reduced. If the time is more urgent, you can try to use strong tea mouthwash, or with a rose aroma of black tea, so that the smell of the mouth of the tea unique aroma easily cover, let people feel your mouth, not deliberately chewing out with chewing gum artificial incense, but the natural fragrance. ( don't miss Womany's quick flash snapped: Shansen is lucky to have a good time with you!) )

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