Not long ago, American media Business Insider published an "unofficial autobiography" about Yahoo's new CEO, Marissa Mayer. There is a full curiosity about this charismatic female leader, how does she have such an achievement, and what is the unexpected experience of her past? Huffington Post sorted out 10 things about Marissa Mayer's unknown size.

1. The job is her life.

In that autobiography, Mayer's husband, Zachary Bogue, said: "We are still working when we get home." There is no clear boundary between our work and family life, and her work is like a part of her body, and she does not need to go home and deliberately discard that part. 」

2. She's not good at social activities.

Mayer in her interview about social intercourse, she always had to convince herself to attend parties, and even she had to go through a process of self overcoming, "I will stare at my watch and tell myself that you must wait until after what time before you can leave And if you feel overwhelmed at some point in time, you can walk away. 」

3. She used to make traffic in the vicinity of the house paralyzed during rush hour.

In September 2006, she moved into the home in order to bring the work of Dale Chihuly, a well-known glass sculpture artist, to the traffic in four lanes near the San Francisco home, and she herself shared it with Google + to her friends.

4. At first, she thinks Google's chances of success are slim.

Google did not hold too much confidence, but Mayer still decided to join the jade-like company. "It was a turning point in my life where I learned more than I thought, especially to maintain a company without knowing the outcome, something no other company could give me." 」

5. She enjoys playing bejeweled Blitz (Gem squares) and Candy Crush

Unexpectedly, originally even her this busy person also will spend the time in the mobile phone game!

6. During her tenure at Google, she provided "office hours" with a pair of time for employees

Mayer is free to spend time on Google, allowing employees or anyone to have five minutes to talk to her privately, but many colleagues are unmoved.

7. She was a ballet dancer and a cheerleader.

Her old classmates said Mayer use her talent, hard work, and fair principles, "she can organize the very good rules," the students describe her.

8. It's not uncommon for her to stay up late.

According to a 2012 New York magazine report, she spent about 250 days in the first five years of her career at Google for a sleepless night! Mayer can be said to be a workaholic.

9. She likes to give friends of the little treasures of the ingenious gift-"diaper cakes"

When a friend's child is born, Mayer will give the lovely baby special "diaper cake", the so-called "diaper cake" is a bundle of diapers stacked into the shape of the cake, plus a lot of exquisite toys and clothes. Can be seen, Mayer pay attention to practicality, send out the gift is also practical and beautiful.

10. She's the man of the school.

In fashion magazine, Mayer mentioned her interesting story in Stanford, one day she was laughing at the men of the Stanford student Daily--every time you ran into a local male student who would knock you out, and the guy in the sandwich shop who always messed up your meal, he smiled and saw the following line: " A senior in the Motor College blonde Girl ", at the beginning she also wanted to say how she did not know this girl, did not think is actually her own!"

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Data source:Huffington Post
Photo Source: Value Walk
The author of this article: Womany Editorial Board/janice Wei