Womany Knitting Press: The Office for a long time, muscles are not you start to send sore warning? A while ago, we specially designed for you a bright Valentine's Day 14 days of tight featurette: small office gymnastics ,15 minutes to lose the butterfly sleeve , as well as commuter bus gymnastics , and the full force and beauty of the simple office Yoga . In order to help you to turn the stretch into a lifetime of good habits, this time we will introduce six, do not leave the chair, but also to make all parts of the body easy to live a charming stretching exercise, take a look at it!

Do you often sit in a chair for a long time (perhaps in an office, on a plane, or in a car) for a job? Sitting in front of a computer for a long time to handle business, or to hold the steering wheel to maintain the same driving posture, the burden on the body, compared to the people who do not need to sit more than twice times the size of! (Extended reading: three "horrible symptoms" that can be caused by a long computer) Recent studies have shown that prolonged sedentary sitting has a devastating effect on women's physical and mental health, and that not only does depression find a home, but it can also lead to a premature decline in women's ovarian hypoxia and ovarian function. The most you will not be happy to see the result is: Menopause early report to you! Originally also to the woman 41 flowers have dream yearning for you, finally can only be their own powerless to give abruptly shout card.

Now, seriously for yourself to collect some simple, and convenient and excellent stretching action, let a small stretch for you hold live Jinbuhuan health! Do not hinder the situation of others to do stretching, not only the muscles have been stretched, but also easy to check your own health. Even if trapped in the limited space, can also consciously open the elastic switch, at any time to take the body out of the pain signal, so that the body and mind from metal fatigue! (Extended reading: fatigue?) Past Labor? How to listen to the American body warning

Charming stretching No.1: a rainbow, a colorful day

Staring at the computer every day to play the keyboard, until you want to exercise muscles to find that the whole shoulder has been stiff to the end? Be careful, if the shoulder stops at a certain action for too long, it will cause shoulder circumference strain; more serious, it will cause rotator cuff injury (Rotator Cuff Injury). Once the muscles are inflamed or torn, the arms start to become weak, affecting not only work efficiency , but also pain as the side sleeps, making the quality of sleep worse; and even wearing clothes becomes a difficult one. Now there is a seat on your chair, can also ease the stretching of the shoulders, while doing, the mood will be followed by a smile Oh! (Extended reading: smile to see the world, the world will smile to you )

  1. The hands of a high, low, one hand aloft the sky, under the pressure of the site, as far as possible to extend.
  2. While inhaling, imagine that you have drawn an invisible rainbow from your hands, hold the two ends of the rainbow, and work to straighten it, and extend the arm to the longer the better, stay for three seconds and exhale, then gently retract the hand.
  3. Rotate the left and right sides; repeat three times.

Charming stretching No.2: Crooked Head, look at the world with different eyes

Whether using an intelligent phone, or driving for a long time in the same posture, your neck muscles will start to feel tight and sore from too much pressure because of bad posture or wrong action. Do not underestimate the importance of the health of the neck, when the tendon used too long, resulting in metabolic failure, tendon function will suffer irreversible effects; a careless, there is a crisis of cervical degeneration. Remember to stretch this side of the neck, when you drive, review every 20 minutes, and have a good neck to see a more beautiful view. (Extended reading: elimination of shoulder neck fatigue of the upper limb movement )

  1. The lower body maintains the posture State.
  2. Take a deep breath, then exhale, while using the left hand to press the head, let the head toward the left slowly bending, and then inhale, back to the original. Each tween interval of five seconds, the left and right sides of the rotation, the action repeats three times.
  3. Again, take a deep breath, with a hand to live chin, exhale, while the head slightly elevated, then inhale, with the hands hold the head, exhale, the head gently downward pressure, the action repeats three times.
  4. Move as slowly as you can, and feel a section of your cervical spine bent to a tight position, allowing the neck to be fully released.

Charming stretching no.3: Open your heart and embrace the blue sky

Often need to be flying trapeze you, is not for the cabin seat kidnapping three or four hours, or even longer feel helpless? And narrow space, also let the body's venous blood hoarding in the lower half, not smooth reflux of the heart, the legs become swollen and unbearable? In addition to not be free to straighten the feet, because the seat design and the occasion of the relationship, even the rise of the head, unlock the inner beauty of freedom also followed by limited. At this point, you can try this simple stretching action, learn, let you later on the plane no longer sit on the difficult Ann, comfortable to enjoy the time on the machine. (Extended reading: stewardess recommended!) The necessary beauty small things to fly

  1. Take off your shoes and use the soles of your left foot to hold the soles of your right foot. Slightly let the feet empty, make an O-shaped.
  2. Bend the ARM 90 degrees, inhale, and slowly push the arm inward until the palm is on the palm.
  3. Then exhale one side of the imagination, you are ready to spread the wings and embrace the Blue Sky Sparrow, the arm slowly open to the outside, so that the whole chest out and out, the arm down in the back, each of the tween interval of five seconds.
  4. Repeat the action five times, and then put the feet flat back to the ground.

Charming stretch No.4: Let the fingertips relive the first love of the shock feeling

Is it easy to start an involuntary hunchback when sitting in a chair? The disadvantage of habitual hunchback does not mean that you do not know, in addition to posture looks not elegant, your spine, pelvis and connected joints will be skewed. Not only that, the hunchback will cause the muscles to sag, the breathing will slowly become lighter, and the oxygen that is brought into the body is not enough, the body's metabolism is going to get worse, and the whole person becomes bloated. When the burden of the neck becomes heavier, there is the possibility of dizziness when pressed to the carotid artery, even causing a stroke. In addition to the Chair, if you do not have anything to pick up, you can take advantage of the elevator, or up the stairs of the time to do this stretching action. Not only improve your habitual hump, but also let the upper body muscles get deeper expansion! (Extended reading: A disease-free Age: Chronic inflammation can be fatal )

  1. Move the right arm from the top down, and the left arm from the bottom to the back.
  2. Take a deep breath and stretch your fingers, and imagine your first love touching the fingers of the other finger, and touching the fingertips of your index finger to the fingertips of the other index finger.
  3. Then slowly exhale, turn the palm of the left hand to the other side, so that the hand joints get more stretching angle, and then gently exhale, while the hand down.
  4. Exchange order, let the left arm from the top down, the right arm from the bottom up, repeat the action three times, remember to take a deep breath oh.

Charming stretch No.5: Stir your leisurely afternoon with your hands

Long time tapping the keyboard, the wrist is not beginning to feel sore, fingers also because of repeated the same action and began to numb? If the fingers are not timely, the knuckles of the fingers will become more and more stiff, become a "keyboard finger", long-term down, will also lead to finger muscle adhesion, knuckle deformation, as a result of finger strain caused by chronic tendinitis. Health Care method In addition to a dry towel or sponge under the wrist, so that the hands and wrist in a straight line; here there is a massage finger gestures, learn, you can easily protect your affairs hands! (Extended reading:"warm living" so that the fingers no longer cold stretching exercise )

  1. Think of your left hand as a cup, and the right hand is a spoon, the right hand into the left hand of the cup, start the clock twist wrist five laps, like holding a spoon in the same stirring coffee.
  2. Rotate slowly, allowing the joints of each finger to enjoy deep massages, the blood circulation is better, the fingers become flexible, and the hands are no longer cold!
  3. Twist the five laps of the clock, then turn counterclockwise five laps, then change hands, repeat action three times.

Charming stretching No.6: the sweet pas de deux between ankle and toe

Whether in the office, or in the cinema to enjoy the movie, is not often sit less than three minutes, unconsciously cocked up legs? Originally you thought can show oneself sexy and elegant movement, actually not only will not produce the effective relaxation, if the long sitting maintains this posture, you will suffer from the spinal deformation caused chronic lower back pain. Because of legs will easily follow the stoop, and this will make the lumbar and thoracic pressure distribution uneven, long-term down, will oppress the spine nerves. In addition to lower back pain, will also hinder the blood circulation of the legs, resulting in leg varicose veins. Next, let the two feet slightly overlap is good, by the way massage ankle heel toe head, not only posture elegant, also will not have varicose vein crisis! (Extended reading: How to sit, sit longer)

  1. The lower body maintains the posture State.
  2. Put the right calf across the left calf, and let the ankle overlap with the ankle, clockwise start slowly twisting the ankle, and the force to allow each toe to stretch, you will hear the bone massage after the comfortable sound, and then change counterclockwise repeat twist action.
  3. After the completion of the two-foot exchange, repeat action three times.

Do you like it? These six mini stretches are not only easy to remember, but also easy to maintain, allowing you to stop sitting for too long and cause your body to burden too much. Hey, still the old saying, no ugly woman, only lazy woman!

Professional women must learn the beauty of the coup!

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The author of this article: Womany editorial/michelle Chang