Jumpfrompaper, a European and American countries scramble to buy the Taiwanese design brand, using the Vision illusion, the 2D cartoon line used in the real life of the bag, creating a unique "comic package." Seven grade design Shishing and how is the rain soft to come up with this one after another unique bag? Today, they're going to share eight inspiration secrets from the comic bag! (Welcome to the designer's interview: The Imagination to subvert the world Jumpfrompaper Comics package )

First, don't take life so seriously.

The real world can sometimes be a bit boring, but just flip it a little bit and things will get better !

Second, draw comic bag, of course, also want to love to read comics Ah!

There are also full of different thinking of the world of movies, will let the body and mind a circle of dance, as well as the night when the drink, are the indispensable leisure activities of daily life!

Third, find your own goddess of absurdity!

Zooey Deschanel is the most recent two people's muse, imagine her, as if the design in the head also alive!

Four, have a side of their own inspiration wall!

We have a wall in the studio, covered with like things, so that the work is always full of fun and interesting atmosphere, but also to speed up the creation of each other with the speed of the content of diversity. (Extended reading: hug the Wall )

V. Create in Strange poses.

Do not know why, we all like to use strange posture painting, recently, "split-leg painting" is a lot of experience, colleagues are also flattering. (sometimes too formal, but will also attract concern!) )

Find a group of working partners who are as strange as themselves.

We have a very strange set of creative team, like we are addicted to collecting funny funny fun toys and materials, we often share life fun, give advice and talk about inspiration! (Extended reading: Six celebrities tell you: distraction stimulates creativity )

Seven, completely can't find inspiration, just skip Class!

Take a look outside the world, from people's faces, the details of life to find a little bit of novelty, inspiration will slowly come back.

Eight, irritable to want to quarrel when ... More to read comics!

To find out the old comics, and then look at a day and night, as if back when the carefree feeling, the mood will be immediately better; some people may think that reading comics is naïve, but we do often find some life philosophy in the comics.

After reading the above eight Jumpfrompaper after designers find out the secrets of inspiration, design Shishing and rain-soft will certainly apply these inspirations to the latest 2014 Original series !

In addition to retaining the original brand elements, the 2014 Original series is designed to be more aggressive in color than ever, and more direct in line performance than before. Will be inspired to play incisively and vividly, two lovely girls more want to make users feel more intimate and convenient, so in the function, in addition to bag inside the bag, bag back also have to do more details of the treatment. And the first time to attach small pieces of long clip and back backpack, hoping to let you feel the design can be very unique, can have attitude, but also practical

"Jumpfrompaper Exclusive first sale!" 】

Cosmic Bag , take the heart of play, don't you believe it? You have the courage to subvert the world.

Carly bag , weird girl's favorite, secret weapons are hidden in Carly's bag.

Xi- Hee bag , a little sweet a little spicy a little different, Hee Xi even I can not touch my own

"Womany x Jumpfrompaper Donation Package Activity"

Xi Hee, comics appear in life, play a little more heart, a little lighter color, less trouble, the world happy little!
Follow Jumpfrompaper together, the bag is out of the box to live, you still hesitate what? We also have to play the heart, complete the following three steps, we want to extract Jumpfrompaper the latest 2014 Original series package to you oh (three each, do not pick the paragraph)

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There's no limit to inspiration, maybe you're the next Taiwanese designer.
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