Give the child a space to talk about, take a deep breath of emotion

Wait until his son grows larger, and the little head melon develops a set of life "philosophy". I remember that my son was only six years old, and had a line of fantasy stories. At that time I was busy looking after my four-year-old daughter. I was tired of sitting around and listening to my mind, and I didn't know where to go.

"Mommy," and listen to what.My son pulled my braid and protested.I touched his cheek, and said I'm sorry.I didn't expect my son to squammy and say, "Mom, I'm not going to blame it, because the things I've just talked to are probably going to happen, and it may not happen."Because I was six years old, I was six years old, and there were some things that I knew, and there were some things I didn't know.The six-year-old has a big, big, small child."

Think about it carefully, thinking that your son is really reasonable.Even at that time I was only in my 30-year-old, just like him.

There are some things I really don't understand.It's just because a little bit of age, sometimes you pretend to understand it, and you're going to sell it to the old.In fact, like my six-year-old child, "some things know, there are some things I don't know."

Reflecting on yourself, a lot of things are imagined by yourself, but often the iron mouth is always broken, so that things will always develop according to the plot of their own imagination.It not only freaked myself, but also scaring others.In fact, like my six-year-old child, "it is possible, and it may not have happened."

It is true that the son was right.Although I am 30 to 40 years old, I sometimes have to be like a big tree, and I am not afraid of strong winds and heavy rain. But sometimes I feel like a child, and I need others to comfort and comfort.In fact, like my six-year-old child, I'm "big and small".I really hope that when I was 70, I would still remember the words that my son said when he was six years old.

After primary school, the son is more and more of an idea, and he has his own friends.One day, my son suddenly asked me, "Is it something that Mom and I have thought about feeling emotionally?""Well, Mom thought about it, but" … was a bit sour, "because" emotions " were too abstract. How could I explain it?However, I immediately knew that he had an early answer from my son's cleverful eye, but he deliberately wanted to test me.

" Do you want to talk about it?The son can't hide his inner happiness, and immediately says, " Mama, some people don't know how to feel emotionally without feeling, and when they know it, they have feelings.Like Toshihiro's older brother knows me, my feelings go to his heart, and the emotions of Toshihiro will go to my heart."

" Well, you're great.If two people quarrel, what should we do?I have my son."Mom, if two people quarrels, the emotions run away, so it's going to be unemotional and I will be very sad.""

The son says that her eyes are immediately red, and I don't want to end up feeling so sad, touch his head and say," You have to figure it out."

" Sorry."The son's eyes were lit up, and the mouth of the mouth was exposed to a smile."I'm sorry," the feelings will come back.Emotionally likes to say "sorry"." I am happy to give my son a big hug. I hope that he will still remember when he was a kid when he grew up.

A surprising and surprising language similar to a child can be picked up everywhere.Even more truth is that when adults don't have time to prepare for any psychological preparation, the child will come up with a saying, like a lightning bolt suddenly struck, and then shoot directly in your heart.

Remember that there is a pain in the pain." Mom, what's going on?"My son came to me and held me, gently and comforted. I immediately let my mother's tears and tears come down."The body's son, smoking a piece of sanitary paper, wiped out the tears of my eye, and also poured a cup of hot tea.I was so moved and I said, " Sometimes my mother feels the pressure is so great that she doesn't finish his family business and doesn't take care of you and your sister.

I didn't think that my son had listened to me, let me loose your hand, my eyes, my eyes, and I said, "Mom, I'm talking to us."When I was not a good boy, I was very angry, and I didn't tell you slowly.We do not know that at the time of anger, they have not taken good care of themselves.Moreover, too little rice is eaten by the food, and the backbone of the system will not bear the weight of the food.If you want to drink more water, you also have to drink more water when you go out.

The son wants to say, "It's not easy to say," he said, "I gave me a big hug."I was choking with choking.When did the child grow up?to become so thoughtful.And I look like a fragile child, and I see myself in the child's body.

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author, Huang Shuwen
She was a very enthusiastic creative teacher who was awarded the Outstanding School of Thinking Teaching Award in Taiwan Province for seven years in junior high school.At the age of 35, she quit teaching as a full-time mother, and accompanied a pair of children to grow up happily in the mountains, and to make a unique and moving soul.She says that she was once an unhappy adult, because it was a chance to revisit the children and to have a chance to revisit them, and to be happy.
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