Why should it be called "12 nights"?

Since each dog was caught in a shelter, under the protection of the law, each dog had 12 nights of waiting to be brought back by the original owner or claimed by the new owner. If after 12 nights, the dog will be euthanized. Unfortunately, in the extreme cruelty of shelters, many dogs do not survive these 12 days. So 12 nights, it is the dog waiting for the adoption of the 12 nights, but also the most vulnerable to the dark 12 of human nature night.

Nine knives said: "Was caught in the shelter of the dog, some came in when the thin bone such as firewood, emotional wandering and excited, do not know how long wandering in the street." Some dogs are still wearing collar, hair color clean shiny, look at a loss not know why he was caught here. I saw a dog being put into a cage, scared of fecal incontinence, and he went into the cage is not very much, the stool is contained in the middle of his anus, neither out, nor shrink back, he kept this scared stiff posture for at least two hours. "(excerpt from the Nine-Knife blog )

"As long as there is love, even if there is 100 million tons of darkness, can bloom a trillion of light"

"12 Nights," the director spent years, recorded in the shelter of the dog's situation, Some dogs have been wandering the streets for a long time, full face vicissitudes, and some dogs are still wearing a brand new collar, may be lost or the owner abandoned. The stories of these dogs are different, But when they are caught or sent to a shelter, there is only one common destiny: 12 days later, if no one is admitted or claimed, they will be euthanized.

After 12 nights, death awaits them, But in these 12 days the shelters are not in a clean and comfortable environment, and they are likely to be exposed to germs, starvation, fear, the mother who just gave birth to the puppy will also face the sadness of separation of Flesh and blood, even a short 12 days can not endure.

"12 Nights", that is, each dog only 12 days of life, director Raye long-term attention to stray dogs, in order to let more people know the real situation of stray dogs in the shelter, in the filming process encountered many difficulties, repeatedly suffer from the rejection of shelters, filming environment and conditions of the poor, no funds completely rely on their own blood does not give up, until the encounter "those years, we chase girls" photographer Zhouyi, followed the director into the shelter, See each lovely dog now face the brutal encounter, apart with the director to break through all kinds of difficulties, hope to cruel but also beautiful picture, to dog the same angle of view, will each dog story touching present.