Honey, is there always a few days a month when you want the time to go fast? Quickly turn over all menstrual trouble, quickly turn those who lie in bed abdominal pain more than, unable to get out of bed day, quickly turned over the health cotton and cleaning problems caused by rash, itching and other discomfort? Honey, sometimes it's easier to be nice to yourself. We helped you organize five menstrual small reminders, those difficult menstrual period, let us also live self-confidence and beautiful. (Extended reading: Simple Six principle, take advantage of the physiological period of your body )

To change the security and refreshing

Frequent replacement of tampons is the invariable rule.

Does it sound like a cliché to change tampons? But many women also said that because they could not find a clean toilet, or feel that the blood volume is not much today, and lazy do not have to change the health of the cotton. Dirty tampons are more damaging to the skin than they think, and ideally they must be replaced every 3-4 hours. So anyway, remember to observe the golden principle of the diligent exchange of tampons Oh!

Choice cotton material material of sanitary cotton

As far as possible to avoid the use of plastic materials, sanitary cotton, cotton material to switch to the health of cotton.

The girl's intimate skin deserves to be taken care of. Plastic-made tampons can cause great damage to sensitive skin and may cause skin redness, itching and even more severe abscess formation. (Extended reading: What is organic cotton?) )

Wearing loose and comfortable clothes

During menstruation, temporarily put your fashionable tights into the wardrobe!

In the period of heavy menstrual flow, the most taboo to wear tight jeans. In this period, first put on a more loose clothes! For example, put on a small skirt, set up a dress, or a loose type of boyfriend jeans, can make the private place more breathable, reduce the proportion of sweating, so that the body and mind more comfortable.

Talcum powder is a good idea.

Use talcum powder to deal with annoying, intimate places, itching and redness!

Do you know? Talcum powder can also be a soldier! In the period of general menstrual flow, sprinkle some powder can effectively prevent the outflow of sweat from the health of cotton absorption, and further ensure that the clean and dry health cotton. Clean cotton can reduce the friction with your intimate skin, natural and private parts can be inflamed itchy said bye-bye!

Physical and mental cleanliness is the most important

Menstruation is the most important thing is the cleanliness of the private place

During menstruation, you should pay more attention to the cleanliness of the private place than usual. In addition to changing tampons every 3-4 hours, remember to use water and soap, and gently clean your most vulnerable intimate skin. Small reminder: Remember to wipe the vagina from the go, to avoid the spread of bacteria, to ensure that the health of the private place.