6126 Collection by Lindsay Lohan,

Lindsay Lohan, a popular Hollywood queen and one of the popular indicators, created the " 6126 " fashion brand in 2008, allowing everyone who is interested in Hollywood star fashion to have a faster grasp of the trend and to have the first line of fashion.

(left: Sequined fake 2-piece dress )

6126 naming the birthdays of the sexy Marilyn Monroe and the founder's identity, I believe that the direction of this brand should be a bit of a feeling.Starting with a simple Leggings family of pants, the entire line of clothing will be added to the end of the winter in 2010.

(Map to bottom: Lipty explicit skinny pants ; pink lace sexy horse ; lace sequins )

Enjoy itself as a woman, and dress herself as much as you can. This is one of the more than 6126 of the 6126's recipes that dream of a world where men are dominated. In addition to personally participating in the design, Lindsay is also a spokesman for the brand.

Of course, the 6126 design is favored by many Hollywood stars, such as Megan Fox, also a sexy goddess, as well as the fashion celebrity Paris Hilton is a fan of this brand!

It is worth mentioning that the love groups, who have donated entire revenue of 6126 the public welfare groups, have been working with women's welfare groups to make woman feel charismatic and to the society.

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More 6126 design offers for me to watch!