Womany Love is very difficult to make up press:
Search, where is the person I wait for? Why doesn't he love me? is he really the right person? Love is not absolute, may also reduce your IQ , we are like travel practice, from the lonely waiting station to another person's heart . and first, start by looking for a suitable companion ! (Extended reading: The Most beautiful love is to let you find love from yourself )

are cheap's happiness

Everyone mistakenly thought that "happiness" is the terminal, but it is not.

"Happiness" is a train that stops at any time, life is everywhere. Do not complain that unrequited love is not accepted, and a love is actually a kind of happiness, because only you can decide whether to continue loving each other or not to let this like continue. Don't complain about ambiguous no progress, ambiguous is actually a kind of happiness, on behalf of you have really let people love place.

Do not complain about love is not smooth, love itself is happiness, you love a person, the other side also accept you, this is one of happiness.

Love inside, there will be some unexpected sweet, this is the second happiness. If the love is not smooth, also let you see you are not suitable for what kind of lover, let you learn how to the next lover better, this is not also a happy thing?

It's better to "love forever" than to "grow old".

Some people say that "to live together " is happiness . Can and like the person together for a long time, together slowly grow old, is a rare thing, but two people together for a long time, will inevitably have discord, will have negligence and cold each other's time. I think "Forever in Love" is more valuable. Is it not a good thing that two of people feel the love of each other at any time? Try to be a companion for your lover! A good companion can make life more exciting and rich, if this companion makes your life painful, become not love yourself, then brave choose to leave. The world has nearly 7 billion people, must also have someone with your other half of the ticket waiting for you! (Extended reading: A wife confession: In fact, Sweet is very simple )

Both peers and single on the road is a way to travel, it is important that they can enjoy the journey.

※"small Indeed", from the village of Spring tree, means "small but exact happiness.

More lovers whisper, all in lovers duplicity

What is happiness? let you define
〉〉 , are you really happy? The meaning of busy
〉〉 woman 30, happy?
〉〉 have love, in fact, we are very happy

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