Have you ever been told by a friend that there seems to be a "100,000 why" in your head?
Do you think life is full of things that make you feel strange?
You always want to ask why? Why? Why not?
Curiosity does not kill a cat; Curiosity is a heart that is always beating with passion in the world .
"The Curious School of women."

"The Curious School of Women," second: Genetic decision men prefer long hair?

Hey, honey, do you think the men around you seem to have 70% "long hair control"? Or, from childhood to the elder have said to you that similar: "Girls have long hair more beautiful" and so on? Do you wonder why there's a vote of boys against it when you announce you're going to cut your hair? (But actually really happy on their own!) )

Why should girls wear long hair? Why do some people have an unspeakable obsession with long hair? Whether you think long hair or short hair is more beautiful, we all know that you should choose the most important for your own. Today we do not fight long, to learn from the historical evolution of why the old man was seen as "beautiful orthodox" objective reasons. Womany quietly said: "We think the short hair is super beautiful, womany office more than half of the girls have pretty short hair!" (Extended reading: short hair charm another wave )

Cold Hair knowledge

Humans and horses are one of the few animals that can grow hair to a very long life.

Although the fur of the human body gradually becomes thinner over time, the hair is preserved as a wonderful insulating effect in order to protect the skin from the sun. This is why more people close to the Red tunnel area, the hair will be more curly, more natural volume tendency, while the people away from the equator more direct hair. The main reason is that curly hair is more effective in preventing sunlight from penetrating and protecting sensitive scalp skin. (Extended reading: Why the hair is not obedient, the market shampoo did not tell you the ingredients secret )

Besides, do you know how to tell a baby boy and a baby girl the quickest? Experts say the quickest way to identify girls and boys 7-9 months old is to look at the length of their hair, followed by the height of the voice and the characteristics of the face.

The historical significance of long hair: men love long hair, subconscious come ....

According to anthropologists, long hair is regarded as a symbol of youth and productive power. Because in the ancient times, if malnutrition or vitamin intake is insufficient, the body's weakness will quickly be reflected in the hair, such as keep off hair or hair from black to red.

So a long black hair, in fact, shows the implied meaning is: "I am very healthy, my offspring can survive." 」

Hair, at the time, was seen as the quickest way to detect health, so women's hair also implied productivity. At the time of poor living conditions, breeding healthy offspring is the first order, so the men in the selection of female partners, the brain will also emerge "the choice of women with long black hair , The idea of being able to make offspring healthier ", and this subconscious, even in the modern age of ancient times, is more or less buried in the hearts of men.

The psychological significance of long hair

Psychologists point out that hair is one of the more random features of human beings, can be long and shorter and even now can change color, so can be regarded as a "natural decoration."

By changing the shape of the hair, you can show that you want to be identified by others personality personality. According to Fisher's overwhelming choice of theory Fisherian runaway sexual selection hypothesis, long and shiny hair, for most of the ancient people, have a healthy connotation, and thus become a mainstream choice.

The image of long hair in the eyes of men and women

Shakespeare said: "Women's beautiful hair, even gold is eclipsed." 」

In response to the ancient survival mechanism, the male subconscious obsession with long hair continues to the modern age. A beautiful long hair seems to be equal to a woman's taste for a man. But in recent years from the rise of short hair bob Head, short hair fashion more and more hot, all the way to burn, but also began to have a lot of men to express love with the unique charm of short hair. (Extended reading: distinctive short hair charm )

Hepburn said: "The beauty of a woman is not only in the clothes she wears, her posture or the way she combs her hair." 」

Women have thousands of species, some people love their long hair, some people like their short hair appearance. Whether you are long hair or short hair, in fact, to do their most comfortable appearance, is the best appearance.

Long hair short hair, like their own appearance the most important

Long Hair Emmahuasen Emma Wattson, a kind of charming temperament between girls and women.

Emma, who likes short hair, cleverness her little face and looks pretty neat.

Nathalipoman's long hair modelling is graceful, the short hair modelling is quite stunning.

Emma Watson has said it more than once: "The boy doesn't like my short hair and wants me to keep it back." But she shrugs and says she likes her short hair, but if she doesn't have long hair for the show, she's thinking about the pretty line of short hair in the future.

Long hair has the beauty of long hair, short hair also has the beauty of short hair. understand the historical significance of hair all the way, for those long hair control can be a little understanding, after all, it may be subconscious, but we also believe the definition of beauty, in fact, can be defined by itself. You have the right to determine the most comfortable appearance, with the most like the appearance, no one can influence you. Because of you, it's your own.

Like yourself, is the most beautiful
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