more than 20 years old, you're a little confused. , a bit unable to grasp the direction of the future, if you are still looking, you can come to see her story. The 20-Year-old chooses to give her life a breath of space , go out and talk to herself, but what we need is just a little bit more courage to conquer the world . Her destination: Thailand and Laos. the people who met in the journey , taught her, and her conversation, let her find: " a person's journey is not always a person." "

"You have to use it less (pointing to your head) and use it here (pointing to the heart) and it will take you to the right place." "This is a bit of a yuppie-like uncle from South Africa in the hostel in the state of Laos, which speaks of the light of intelligence."

Vaguely remember one day in September, lying in bed motionless, eyes staring at the ceiling, the head like a machine to stop thinking, the trivial in life to suppress the whole person in that, unable to move. At that time, for the gap in life, feel irreparable apology, about feelings, and can not grasp the future. Openings and people talk about the strength, in each of the silent response and loss, the original many things, only their own can only be answered.

The next day, browsing the web on the page for a whole morning, knocking down the keyboard, booked a ticket, destination: "Thailand and Laos." "Give yourself a lesson, do something you haven't done, travel 10 days a person." From invoicing to departure only a short three days, this time to borrow a big backpack with a friend, bought a travel book, took the standing medicine, and then time quickly came to the start of the day, and later found that the need for things really very little, and those who are not prepared enough tension is superfluous.

19th century American writer Thoreau said: "The true meaning of travel , not sports, but to drive your soul, to find the spring of life." 」

(from Thailand to the train in Laos, it's been a morning every day.) )

Before departure, always thought that this is their own "one person" travel, to prove that a person can survive the ability to resist loneliness of the tenacity, but in the course of walking, the mentality has gradually changed, and these changes from everyone met.

The people I met: talking to me from the first plane, snubbed by his girlfriend, he is Mr. James from South Korea, met in the Bangkok Youth hostel in Australia, the Giselle sister from Taiwan (we always talk until late at night, solve the whole day always have to speak English); from Thailand to the border of Laos, Mr. Michael, a Belgian sports coach met on a sleeping train (with a cup of coffee and a cigarette, opened the morning); in Wangyang , a French man who had just lost his job in Japan---Mr. Laurent (only one afternoon, I knew the story of his ex-girlfriend and ex-girlfriend); After a six-hour bus ride to the German couple in the Dragon state, the last stop in the House, the South African family, who was curious to talk about my diary, was a little bit of a yuppie South African uncle who had taken a boat to Taiwan to teach English in 1979. Every encounter is an interesting story. (Extended reading: design a trip for yourself )

(Wangyang, and Mr. Laurent of France on a walking trip)

(The morning of the Dragon Hill State, the fish is big to frighten to put on the street to sell.) )

One of the most impressive is that the couple from Germany, backpackers meet each other along the way, the most familiar start is: "How long will you travel?" "When I raised this question to them, they answered:" Two years. 」

It was only the second week after they started the trip. And I went on to ask, "How old are you?" "(seems to be outside, the question is not so offensive, everyone will ask, so I also boldly asked." Anna is 22 years old and I am (Mark) 21 years old. This instant aroused my curiosity to ask, "When did you start planning this trip?" "," 1.5 ago, we used the time to save money for each job. Anna took out a big book to show me, thick books, full of their next plan, place names everywhere. When I went on to ask them if the money they were working on was really a two-year journey, their answer gave me a new idea, "after we've traveled Southeast Asia, we'll go to NZ and Australia, work there, and save the travel for the next trip." "(Extended reading: National Geographic recommendation!) Let's go 2100 kilometers of bike light travel

Think that to save a lot of money, one day in the future can travel around the world , but the world has always been a new way and opportunities. It's just that we're not in touch, and the conversation opens up more of my imagination about life. Travel is not always very happy, but also encountered heavy rain, the hands of money is not enough, and drivers to bargain to the airport situation, this time to look back at the point of view of the situation, is also a learning.

(After a little more than hand-painted feet, finally reached my expected price, otherwise I really do not have the money to the airport ...) When getting off the car to buy the small hanging ornaments to the handsome driver, thank him for completing the last paragraph of my journey. )

Remember once read an article, Chiang Hsun once asked his students to travel alone, and then write a letter to themselves, cultivate and their ability to dialogue . I did the same thing and thought a lot about it while I was writing a letter and jumped off a bit of a frame in Taiwan. Back, and friends chatted, some people said he was very admire I have the courage to go out on a trip, because he is too afraid of lonely people. In fact, I also occasionally call back to Taiwan, loneliness and want to share the mood, is the journey of the biggest topic, and therefore feel extremely uncomfortable, but people's heart is like this, when the experience of some things, in the intangible it will be propped up, can withstand things become more.

"Travel does not solve your real problem, but it can cut a space between you and the reality, leaving a little distance to use a more sober heart, to see the original turbidity." "The Frenchman said to me, and we all met on the way to the export of life." (Extended reading: Throw it all !) The real world outside of the comfort zone

A person's journey is not always a person.