You may not be on the street, but you must have heard of the "Girl Street Girl".These two girls, with a daily average of 10,000 followers, have accumulated popular popularity, and there are already more than 80,000 followers on Facebook.Some people say that they are laughing. Some people say this is so cool. Some people say that this is a good white person!But do you know that it's not only funny, white, Kuso, it's not funny?In special interviews with one of the street girls, Karren, the first time a special guest (Karen also leaves a lot of tears in her cries).Her story has let us know that the street girls in the street are really not just going to be on the street!

young girls in the street who are the combined body of the

, on the left is the incontinence of the north, and the right is the Karren inThis is a place that is ingeniously practised in the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall plaza (Liberty Square).

Genius with no genius

It's a little surprised to see Kren in the first eye, and she's not like the girl who looks forward to the fact that the girl in the street is a little bit cooler than a modern line, but rather like a pure little girl.When I started talking, I found this 28-year-old girl. It was really a bit of an inconceivable foolish and naive. It turned out that there was really such a person, who could be so brave and untirable and untirable to take the road.

Karren was a professional photographer who had his own photography and business case, and was self-sufficient in the business case, before he was quick to turn red on the streets of the street.Before going to photography, she was originally a model worker who had occasionally worked for photography. It was interesting that she bought her first camera in 2008, and a Holga Lomo.It was only after three months of filming that she saw her work on the flickr, and invited her to become a regular column photography.She gradually found a different world in photography, not only in Taiwan, but also in the first few photographers who began using Lomo to film wedding dress. She also worked with various large units such as Eslite to discuss photography and topic exhibitions.

Not just her own series of street girls, her photo, it's hard to forget, is full of emotions, and it's full of emotional tension, so it's not surprising that most people take for granted that a lucky genius should have been the result of that."From the beginning to the present, I've had a lot of hard work, but I think it's the way it is chosen," she said. "It's just that we have to bear it and don't have to explain to others."Behind the genius, it is actually very untalented to insist on.

It doesn't matter because you really like it

, born in Taiwan, grew up in Malaysia. After 19 years of age, she returned to the Department of Medicine at National Sun Yat-sen Medical University, where she worked hard not only to constantly take photographs, but to build up her own experience and feel, and also to prove her own decision to her family.After seven years of medical science, if she didn't buy the first camera, she would be a doctor in a certain hospital if she didn't have access to photography.

For photography, she gave up her seven years of medical science.
She is not a coddess of the sky, she gives up on the doctor's path, and she has a good life, and she even has the pressure of student loans.
Because of the difference between a family and a family, she wants to be responsible for her decisions and not rely on her parents.

Photography changed my life, my life, I had some humid, but undetermined saying, "I was always envious of talented people. I've always been an introverted person, until photography, like a thunder, life is different.""

decision had criticized the elders for not being in the right business, and she was not afraid that she would take pictures of her camera, but she was not afraid. She kept trying to use her way, until now that friend wrote to her. " Fortunately, you didn't go to the doctor. You were a doctor."We asked her how she had overcome some of the frustrations, and frankly she was a bit lonely, and she just smiled and said," Because I really like photography, so it's okay."

Photographic, part of life

Through photography, she found that she could use photos to move more people, and bring about a bit of change to call for society.The "Street Girl" was just a few interesting photographs from a friend, but if you were a fan of the street girl, you would know that behind the photo of the "Street of the Street" photo, they gave an ulterior motive to the humanistic history of each location.In particular, Kareren is fond of the emotions of the Benita, and she loves the old, new and vibrant cities in the United States. Although her work often needs to go to Taipei, she still wants to keep her favorite place, so she also wants to bring more people to different platforms through the streets of the street.

Despite the madness of the "Street Girl", Kareren continued her career as a professional photographer, as she continued her career as a career photographer, as she continued to make in her life.She said, "I was inspired by the environment, not the sense of spirit, to go out and shoot." So she was always carrying the camera as her life.Just like the day before she went to the Liberty Square with her friends, and an artist who was playing a violin at the subway station, she was standing there and listened to her three songs, and she took a lot of pictures, and her eyes were glowing. " I had a great picture yesterday." I can feel that the camera, for her, is really the most important thing!

This photo makes Kren feel that everyone has his own role, and that everyone has his own goals, and that everyone is the main character in his own life, and that they have their own hard work.It's like she's sticking to her dreams right now.

To have your own, be real

Carefully ask Karren, now the street girl is so popular: Does that make any difference to her life?Or should she be on the road to photography?She is a very young lady, and she says that she has always wanted to keep on going down the street, and she has always wanted to keep her original purpose, and to maintain that kind of fun. But she says, " Because I want to take pictures of real things, I can move people and shake people." A lot of people wrote to her to tell her that seeing her photo was very moving, and she often couldn't stop her tears, and those who encouraged her were the most powerful driving force that she continued to make.

ask her to describe her own photography style, and she wants to say three words: "genuine, faithful, self-reflection."" Her picture is not just a beautiful composition, but it's a real emotion behind it.Now she's working on two creative lines, a story about the relationship between people and the Between, an interactive relationship that cares about people and the world, and she's writing because there's something to say to the world." I was a very direct person, so I was very direct.I like what I do, I have my own personality.There is no reservation.So through photography, I've been exploring myself.I also hope that my photo will allow more people to rethink themselves, so it is also a kind of self-reflection."

Now in progress, Kareren wants to record a pregnant mother's process of producing a child at the age of one.

This is a very memorable interview. We all had a red eye with Karren in the interview. We were moved together, and we saw that the pictures were goose bumps, because they were real emotions, and we really felt it.The courageous way to abandon a bright road, and to choose a rugged road, we also saw Dauntless's determination, whether or not she was the street girl in the red half of the day. She knew that she would always be the photographer who had to make her own personality, regardless of what she gave up, and she knew how photography changed her life.Because they really like it, they are not afraid.

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