I want to go to a costume party. Halloween: How are you going to celebrate this year's Halloween? is to draw a different Halloween makeup crazy run, choose to do a Halloween wind nail painting , or have the ghost film rented, waiting for Halloween to enjoy the ghost of the movie night ? This time womany to show you the heroic style of Halloween party, but this time Wei Weifen is not a boy, but a super-Meng little girl!

Who rules girls to wear pink dresses and sweet smiles to the Halloween party? A group of princesses who don't want to be rescued, but little girls who dream of being heroes to save the world, ask their parents to help them dress up as their favorite hero at this Halloween party. And their playful and lovely appearance, but also attracted many well-known foreign media to compete for coverage! Womany this time, let's take a peek at the 10 little girls dressed to salute their hero!

We also attach the original shape of the role of the film; everybody come to compare, see whose modelling is most lifelike!

Hero 1th: American female captain (captain America)

Hero number 2nd: Steel girl (Iron Girl)

Hero number 3rd: Star Wars Darth (Darth Vader)

Hero number 4th: Batman Girl (Bat Girl)

Hero number 5th: Lord of the Rings Habis (Frodo Baggins)

Hero Number 6th: The Ultimate Warrior Girl (Predator girl)

Hero number 7th: female Hulk (Hulk)

Hero number 8th: Spider-Man Girl (Spider-girl)

Hero number 9th: Star Wars robot R2-d2

Hero number 10th: Zelda legend Link (link)

Is the charm of a little girl too amazing? We also want to know, which hero character the most to you?

Girls as self-improvement, we become our own heroes

〉〉 Eight classic movie roles, they play more than men also vivid!
〉〉 guard the people back to disperse! "Special Attack alliance" to build rebel heroes
〉〉 Turn on the general wind comic makeup, change body self-confidence Superwoman!

文字作者: womany 編輯部/ Michelle Chang
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