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Some people say: "Everyone has a child in his heart", regardless of the actual age is a few years old, in fact, we all have a lovely even a bit childish side. Occasionally naïve will feel so cute, always immature, it will make people feel fast grow up! Age is not the basis for discrimination, in the end how to distinguish your "he" is a man or a boy ? Let's teach you 11 little steps! (Extended reading: The 20 marriage secrets that I wanted to know before the divorce: the heart of Constant Love )

Boys V.s men are big different

"Big boys are cute, but men who never grow up are not necessarily lovable." 」

1. Men know what they want, and they pursue it bravely.

Boys may have vague notions about what they want, but they don't really know. A boy doesn't think too much when he makes a decision, and if he starts, he won't put too much effort into it. In a word, boys are passive, while men are actively striving for what they want.

2. men plan for their future and are working hard to lay the groundwork for marriage and family

The boy is living in the moment, he only plans to go to the pub to play this weekend.

3. men like smart, supportive women .

In addition, he will choose a partner who is similar to his own values. And the boy's eyes are only the hottest and wildest girls.

4. When a man meets a good woman, he will take the initiative to approach her and understand her

If the boy, will only try to see your mind, and not seriously pursue you.

5. men are willing to talk about embarrassing issues .

He was very candid about his position and intentions. The boy refuses to talk about his true feelings, and the boy is not prepared to solve the dilemma, instead of escaping the problem or making excuses to cover up the fact that he is just playing with you.

6. men know how to devote themselves wholeheartedly to a woman

The boy is always "testing" you-he will not be completely serious about you, because he does not know whether he is really ready. But in fact, because he is just a boy, no matter how good a girl he meets, he will not have a good day.

7. men know how to live and socialize well .

Men are usually busy with their careers or jobs, but they also know how to live a good life. The boy drinks with his friends at the bar every weekend.

8. men take the time to think about who they want to be .

Or don't want to be some kind of person. He will wonder where his worth is. On the other hand, boys have not built up their values or morals, and ideas are often changing.

9. men are much more upright than boys .

A man seldom insincere, said the words of the most really represent his ideas, men do, and if he did not comply with the promise, he will be honest to tell you why. Boys often promise, but do not often really do.

Men are afraid to be rejected, but they are not afraid to try .

The boy is also afraid of being sent a good card, but always like to act without care of the appearance, because he is more afraid of self-esteem by you blow.

Boys may play with your feelings, but men will not .

Girls are different v.s women.

"Girls want everyone's love, women just want to get the right people." 」

1. The girl's hi made annoyance plain

When unhappy, angry or sad, the girl will be like a child in general temper. Maybe she'll scream, cry, or totally turn a blind eye to you. Women, too, will feel frustrated, but have learned to manage their emotions. She will sit down calmly and tell you exactly what it is that makes her unhappy.

2. The girl thinks she is a princess, more think everybody should treat her as a princess

The girl thinks she should receive a lot of love, and women, know who they are rather than expecting others to praise and care.

3. Girls regard appearance as their most important value

Girls measure themselves by appearances and charms, and often use appearances as a tool to get what they want. Women, however, know clearly that their values are much higher than they are, and women value their inner beauty, whether they are values, traits, talents, etc., and are the treasures they cherish most.

4. the girl wants to find a man to pay for her .

Women want to be financially independent, not fake. And if a woman is ready to enter a relationship, and her partner has a good financial ability, it is only a bonus to her, not the goal of life.

5. girls ' world is always lacking and unsatisfied

Girls like to compare with others, and find themselves as if they are not good enough to be very frustrated. Women, however, are helping each other, and healthy competition. Women know that the world is very big, the only object to compare is yesterday's self.

6. Girls do not know how to do housework, do not clean or cook also feel no relationship

Women know that doing housework is a manifestation of taking care of themselves and others. She also knew that when she entered marriage and family, she would want to take good care of her favorite people.

7. girls want attention, women want respect

Girls want the world to like her, but women only want to be a person really love.

8. Girls still don't know how to respect their bodies .

The girl still does not understand, own body, own heart how precious, also do not know how to choose the right person, let him live in the heart.

"Girls cherish their bags, diamonds and a pair of beautiful shoes." and women know how to cherish their health, self-awareness, their own ability as the most valuable asset. 」

9. women take the time to think about who they want to be .

She will think carefully about what their values and ideas are. Girls don't really know what they want.

the girls ' goals are less short-sighted .

For example, want to become thin, want to become more popular, or want to become rich. As for women's goals, they tend to focus on my pursuit, such as being a good communicator, improving their emotional management skills, and so on.

girls may play with your feelings, but women won't .

After reading the above 11 "big different", we can know more about the state of our mind, and know more about the person around you, is how to face the feelings of the attitude. And vigorous feelings may be unforgettable, but mature relationship between the two people can be more endless. However, both boys and girls, men and women, I think as long as I find the right person, let him take your hand two people go down together-this is happiness, is Love . (Recommended reading: Four happy couples to the code of Communication )

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