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What's this autumn and winter red? In addition to the years unbeaten leather , black system change wear , dear You must also find this autumn and winter is very popular oversize! Whether it is a cocoon-shaped coat or a shoulder-wide knitted jacket, it is fascinating! But how to dress not like a child to wear adult clothes, to see fashion blog Linda taught you to use simple six strokes oversize autumn and winter taste! ( hot autumn and winter Speed report: The Beast tattoo )
Medieval warm clothes hot-snapped 〉〉 come and see.

image/' Nolita Sweater ' knitting kit

Looking at the weekly weather forecast, looking at the cooling temperature gradually lowered, warm clothing flashing blinking blinking eyes, can't wait to quickly from the Shen sleep wardrobe fly out, and I am also excited, the most love simply cold air! I love the oversize all year round, especially in winter. Winter clothes heavy, sometimes in order to keep warm will wear several levels, and oversize clothes can easily avoid the "swollen" this matter. So, let's talk about how to choose the big size clothes that are popular this autumn and winter.

Oversize tips: size is big enough

image/ Women ' s petal neckline oversize

First condition: Large size clothes are called large size clothes, that is, the size must be big enough. Don't be afraid to be too big or too exaggerated, style is because of the unique formation. Blurred shoulder line, ventilated armpit, can't see big buttocks also not shy alvine, at first glance thought is a small quilt size, yes, she is!

Oversize tips Two: large texture and saturated plain

image/oversize mixing Color cardigan  

Large texture and saturation of plain: this autumn and winter popular retro saturation color, such as Turkey blue, Bergenty red, mustard yellow, peacock green, such as the more stable color. And in a whole piece of plain weave on the surface of the weaving is the details of the performance, the overall wearing texture will be greatly improved. (also take a look at the six major elements of autumn and winter notes )

Oversize Tips Three: the pattern of joy

Image/oversize jumper

In addition to the plain choice, of course, there are flower patterns. There are many happy festivals in autumn and winter, breaking the black one, the pattern of happy clothes is not only cute but also can bring some angry. However, the color is still recommended deep shen retro point saturation color, especially with type.

Oversize tips Four: lazy pendant feeling

Image/european Style Cool Oversize

Large-size clothing is the pursuit of relaxed, comfortable, natural, performance is lazy with the attitude of life, so the clothing "pendant feeling" is particularly important, natural, soft, pleated line, with weight, there is thickness. Honey, do you really know the knitted clothes you wear? )

Oversize tips Five: Stereo style tailoring

Image/oversized pullover

Three-dimensional style tailoring: My favorite and most care is the tailoring of the clothes , especially the large size of the dress of the stand pretty tailoring. With the change of the texture, the tightness and the size of the cloth, large-size clothes often have astonishing stereoscopic details, such as exaggerated palace-style goat-leg sleeves.

Oversize tips: soft knit Texture

Image/oversize batwing Sleeve Sweet

One of the main purposes of winter wear is to keep warm, and the texture of knitting whether in contact with the skin or visual perception are soft and comfortable, can bring a lot of warmth in cold weather. Next, share a few sets of my own oversize:

"The fashion blogger Linda's oversize-wearing demonstration"

Yellow with fluorescent, very soft like a large shawl. The color of the large tracts of overlapping, flower trousers and large flowers hairstyle decorated with echoes.

Long oversize blouse with black-and-white long version of the layer, stripes and color block to create a wonderful pendant texture.

Clean clothing trimmed lines and exaggerated ornaments, interesting but not conflicting mix.

I have about hundred pairs of socks, I like to wear pantyhose in autumn and winter. Take a big size blouse as a dress and use a special pair of socks to make it easy to get through.

There is a special cut of the large size of the woolen cloth, pay attention to the integrity of the details: striped, lotus-side silk stockings, slippery luster of the belt leather shoes.

This is the last year, "Linda Dazhi:" The development of winter old warm clothes, large size knitted garments can be static, this set is a sweet retro wear look!

Oversize big coat of easy-going place is very real wear, she is a blend in life and don't let you worry about clothes, not only warm you can be instantaneous type.

Last year, the development of the ancient warm clothes, the color is warm and beautiful, and the style can be changeable.

This year, the warm clothing more evolved, this time I and two professional cooperation team development: 50 years of Taiwan's knitting Craftsman Art Taiwan's own brand "Clotho", as well as the collection of fashion, taste and design of domestic female life-style women's web site "woman fan Womany." This is a very big step forward for me, I hope you can look forward to see you next week! (See Clotho Open Knit garment making process )

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"Woman fan X Lin Dazhi x clotho Three-party joint warm winter knitted garments"

We want to introduce the design of knitted garments to accompany you to have a warm winter hello, good things worth waiting for, let us look at the next bar!

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