Honey, speaking of Christmas, what do you think of first? Believe that everyone's brain in addition to flash a warm reunion time, tear down the gift of laughter, meet the Christmas feast, absolutely indispensable is that flash a flash of the Christmas tree! Christmas tree has become the most intuitive Christmas symbol, these days you must have met in the street a lot of flashing Christmas tree, after watching the beautiful Christmas tree scenery in Taiwan , let us look at the global Christmas tree in the busy what.

CNN picked out the world's 10 coolest Christmas trees, floating on the water, the most delicious, can be recycled ... These hidden in the world around the corner of the Christmas tree scenery, let us for Christmas tree and Christmas more magical imagination, start the Christmas tree Parade before the first to a simple Christmas quick answer, guess what these cool Christmas trees are from what country it!

"Global Christmas Tree Guessing Time"

Do not rush to peek at the answer, with the first instinct to guess the following Christmas tree from which country it 〉〉

Q1. Which country is the tallest Christmas tree in Asia?

Q2. Which country does the tallest indoor Christmas tree appear in?
Difficulty: ★ ★ ★

Q3. What country is the only water tree in the world?

Q4. Which country is the greenest Christmas tree?
Difficulty: ★ ★ ★

Q5. Macarons What country is the Christmas tree in?
Difficulty: ★ ★ ★

The answer is in the article below, together to see the following countries of the Christmas tree styling, on one side to calculate their correct answers to some questions.

1. The capital of Lithuania: the Christmas tree with the most flavor

The Christmas tree in Lithuania Challenges your imagination of the Christmas tree.

Vilnius Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, has a giant Christmas tree that is 25 meters high, made of a metal frame wrapped in a cold fir tree outside the head. A thick Christmas atmosphere, flashing lights, dazzling fireworks, looking up to the people, I believe the Lithuanian Christmas holiday will be very warm.

2. Malaysia's Lego paradise: The most childlike Christmas tree

In the Dictionary of Lego Paradise, there is no impossibility.

Did you guess right? Asia's tallest Christmas tree is in Malaysia's Lego Park Legoland , even more surprising is that the tallest Christmas tree in Asia is incredibly Lego Christmas tree! The nine-meter-high Christmas tree is always made of 400,000 Lego blocks, with lovely appearance and exquisite details, with candles and Christmas gadgets subtly embellished, more childlike atmosphere than usual, and the same Gayon Santa Claus and Elk, Let us want to fly to Malaysia's Lego park to play Ah! (Classic review: London station Pancras 600,000 Lego creative Christmas tree )

3. Rockefeller Center, New York: A luxurious Christmas tree

The Rockefeller Center, located on New York's Five Avenue, is a citycenter of several skyscrapers, the second bustling city center after Wall Street. Rockefeller placed the Christmas tree, of course, as high as 23 feet, weighing about 23 tons of Christmas tree overhead, domineering placed 3-foot-wide Swarovski crystal Star, enough momentum it!

4. PARIS Lafayette Department: The most fashionable Christmas tree

When it comes to fashion, can anyone compare with him?

Did you guess right? The tallest indoor Christmas tree is in the Paris of the Lafayette department store Galeries Lafayette. This exquisite Christmas tree is designed by Swatch Watch Company, with the theme of time to think, gracefully standing in the crowd snapping up Christmas gifts, the French are very proud of the style. (same field Gayon: Paris syndrome?) )

5. RIO DE Janeiro: The most drifting Christmas tree

Water Drifting Christmas tree, beautiful flashing dream works

Did you answer it? The world's largest water Christmas tree comes from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a 85-metre, 540-ton water Christmas tree set up by Brazil's largest insurer, not only the world's largest water tree, but also the only water tree that attracts attention. The Christmas tree is equipped with 300多万个 bulbs, sparkling water to catch the flashing light of the drifting Christmas tree, is definitely a single show of the aquatic Christmas tree scenery. (Brazilian cool idea: from Brazil, a bookstore full of bookish )

6. Berlingbrand Gate: The most touching Christmas tree

Behind the Christmas tree in Berlin is a genuine transnational friendship.

You might think this Christmas tree looks like nothing special, but he has a very deep sense of national friendship behind it. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Norway has been giving a Christmas tree every year in Berlin, congratulating the citizens of Berlin on their lives in peace and freedom. (See also: Berlin, the gloomy but favorite city )

7. Charlotte Hotel, USA: The most delicious Christmas tree

The most delicious Christmas tree in history, macarons enthusiasts you also heart?

Ringing With 8,000 colorful macarons of the Christmas tree, your belly also began to cooing it? This Christmas tree production process has always shared 10,008 protein, 110 cups of sugar, the total cost of the pastry team about 58 hours to make, really great project, good delicious Christmas tree ah. (We can't help guessing that this is supposed to be the fastest-eating Christmas tree after Christmas!) )

8. Five star Hotel in London: the most competent Christmas tree

Rainy London, how can a Christmas tree not have an umbrella?

London is a rainy year, with an umbrella and a Christmas tree to join the fun. London's Centennial Five-star hotel has always been celebrities and members of the Royal favorite Pocket list, this year's Christmas tree by the well-known umbrella brand Fulton responsible for the real raindrop bulb, with this season is ramming umbrella, such a Christmas tree is very London flavor it? (Learn the London benevolence, embrace the most beautiful bad weather )

Seeing such a Christmas device, it is not hard to guess that the hottest winter accessories in London will be given to umbrellas as usual.

9. The French Bordeaux Opera House: the most Baroque Christmas tree

Baroque retro style, Christmas tree can also be very expensive women

Exquisite lace decoration, the Christmas tree by the Bordeaux Hotel Grand Hôtel and the Bordeaux opera hand to build, thick Baroque style, very retro flavor. But I do not know why it is baroque shape, how to focus on a look like some of the Chinese Qing Dynasty flavor. (Is it too much to see through the play?) )

10. The spirit of the United Kingdom: the most environmentally friendly Christmas tree

Can the Christmas tree be recycled? To see the greenest Christmas tree in London.

Do you know? During the festive period, people make more useless rubbish than usual and unconsciously. The artist Ashley Phillips this, so with 900 plastic bottles to create a different Christmas tree, and these bottles are collected by the local students in the spirit of the United Kingdom, and a simple Christmas tree not only create a warm Christmas atmosphere, but also improve the community cohesion, is not that people are very moved?

"The answer is time."

Did you guess right? Asia's tallest Christmas tree is originally Malaysia's Lego Paradise Legoland, the tallest indoor Christmas tree in the Paris of the Lafayette department store, the cool drifting Christmas tree inspired by the Brazilian hot Lou , the most environmentally friendly Christmas tree by the artists in London to build!

seen in these 10 different countries of the Christmas tree, can also see the different people face Christmas attitude. The same is, Christmas will be a warm festival for the gathering, the weather may be cold, but together the heart is warm! Merry X ' mas (same field Gayon: A warm Christmas advertisement )