Disney is the real dream of all adults and children, looking at the Disney fairy tale, the hearts of people also become extremely soft, we think of the child was once the oneself, once was so fearless to rush forward and the future collision, Disney's existence reminds us that we are actually happy all the time. The life story of Walt Disney is the ultimate embodiment of the pursuit of happiness. (same field Gayon: the fashion master in Disney World )

He was in Hollywood's first Disney studio, a small old warehouse, he was poor to dig pockets only 30 of dollars left, still insist that the world is happy ...

We have all seen the Disney hand paraded on the big screen fairy tale, and perhaps several times to Disneyland, but you have listened to build Disney's Walt Disney story? Big Dreamer, said is the story of Walt Disney, but also our story, in the face of the unknown, face the dream, we have how much courage to pursue happiness? When Walt Disney said, "I swear to make every audience who walks into the theater feel happy." "He has found his whole life: to bring happiness to the world." (Happy Side Program: The maximum value to create happiness )

Introduction to the plot

"Big Dreamer" is based on the true story, by Oscar-winning actress Emathompson and actor Tom Hanks respectively played two classic characters, Emma plays writer P.l. Travers, Tom Hanks, the famous Walt Disney, describes how Mr. Disney succeeded in bringing the well-known classics "Joy to the world"mary Poppins to push the big screen on the hard process. "

The famous novel written by the writer P.L Travers "Joy full of human"mary Poppins deeply loved by adults and children, even the one hand to build the world's most joyful place, Mr. Disney is no exception, his daughters begged father must make this story remake into a film, Let their imaginations come true. In an effort to fulfill his daughter's promise, Mr Disney has struggled to convince the original author to sell the copyright, a promise that has not been achieved in nearly 20 years.

Stubbornly conservative Mrs. Travers has always decided that the business of Hollywood movies will ruin the idea of a magical nanny in the pen, until the novel craze receded and the margins were short, and Mrs. Travers reluctantly agreed to fly from London to Los Angeles to "Listen" to Mr. Disney's plans for the work. In the short two weeks of her visit, Mr. Disney struggled to make a lot of films, and even to Sherman brothers composing, in good faith, but still unable to impress the fastidious and sensitive Mrs. Travers, as Mr. Disney's troubled plan was at a time when he found the shadow of her childhood from Mrs. Travers's work, Finally opened her heart, also completed the "Joy Full of the world" this award countless classic movies.

Walt Disney Classic Quotes

Walt Disney has died nearly 50 years, but he still lives in our life, because he, we are willing to believe that happiness exists. Let's look back at Walt Disney's classic quotes, a revered who brings so much laughter to the world.

1."do impossible things, is a kind of fun.

"It ' s kind of fun to do the impossible."

2.", just a grown-up kid."

"Adults are only kids grown up, anyway."

3."When you like yourself, you will be different from others, and this makes you so special.

"The more you are like yourself, the less your are like anyone else, which makes you unique."

4."dream can be realized, if we have enough courage to pursue"

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."

5."If there is one thing that you believe in, then you have no reservations and believe it consistently. 」

"When you are believe in a thing,believe to it all way,implicitly and unquestionable."

6."no matter what you do, do it well! So that people want to see you do it once, and even tell people how good you are.

"What ever, do it. Do it so, when people, you do it they'll want to come back and, do it again and they'll want to BRI ng others and show them how are you doing what.

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