small red box , we are carefully crafted, handmade packaging, hope to give each girl a small gift. In a particularly strong February, we thought that little red box would want to put on new clothes with the girls. So in February, we invited the heavyweight designer Angela Chen to build a new dress for the February small red box !

Angela Chen, the author of the old Professor Peter, has worked with major brands such as Nike, Moët & Chandon, Tengzigou ‧f‧ , and is a well-known Taiwanese artist in Wuke. Once a student of architecture, she went to Italy's clothing design institute after graduation, after returning to Taiwan, since the creation of the clothing brand two bunnies accumulated a good reputation, and now she enjoys the life of design creation. The design experience of many Parties plus the creative style with gorgeous atmosphere, so that Angela not only in Taiwan to step out of their own tree a grid of roads, but also set off the world's buyers concern!

and Angela Chen See before, we are disturbed and excited, we imagine such a heavyweight designer, what will it look like? After meeting, only to discover that perhaps every artist's psychological life is a child, Angela winked her eyes to share the endless creative inspiration, talk about the world's infinite curiosity and break the existing rules of the artist personality.

What kind of a new face will this Angela bring to the Little red box? To listen to her talk about their own creative process and the small red box design concept bar! (same field Gayon:"December Little Red Box designer" warm-heart bread tree )

Q1. Have you ever read architecture, costume design, now a full-time art design, the past experience for your current creation has any effect?

Angela Chen: Although seemingly different areas, but in fact the concept of design is interlinked. I am very grateful that in the practice of the University of Architecture, those years of study forced me to open their eyes, is that in the time I found that I have never opened the eyes of life .

In retrospect, it would feel like a hell of a life in the four years of practice, but it was also the time to cultivate my ability to think and question. And this has a profound effect on my attitude towards creation. In contrast, when I was in the costume design in Milan, because of the previous training, it was easy. Along the way, I believe that there must be doubt, there is a collision, there is the possibility of new creative ideas appear.

We are so used to all the answers in our lives. And when everything has an established answer, there is nothing new to play. so I also often feel that we are a very happy generation, we live in a relatively comfortable age, but in a comfortable environment, we are too accustomed to accept everything in life, but also risked losing their own independent thinking of the risk. (Recommended reading: What are the missing people in Taiwan?) Taiwan has no workers to think about.

I feel like I've been involved in different areas all the way, so that I can learn from their own thinking logic and mode of operation, and blend into their own ideas. Again, my nature is very unrestrained, and in the artistic creation, I deeply feel that I am free. then, I really like to know what's going on around me, and I've always wanted to know what everyone is doing in the world. For myself, I feel that the emphasis is never on what the outside world gives us, but on what we do.

Q2. What do you think of your work? Where is your creative inspiration coming from?

Angela Chen: In fact, many people will say to me, my paintings occasionally give people a heavy sense of oppression, but in fact, it is not intentional. I want to create on the way, may also unconsciously revealed the creator's psychological state bar.

Angela's post-Egyptian creation

It's a pretty interesting thing for me to pursue danger. In writing, I also particularly like to touch the general people do not want to touch the topic. Like this little red box , I've also added some different erotic elements to the previous one. I am a very contradictory person, I am afraid to see Ghost film, but also very like in the painting to discuss life and death and the existence of the issue. I am very optimistic by nature, but I am fascinated by the dark things. So in my paintings, there are often elements that others look very dark.

I founded in 2010 two bunnies, the first merchandise sold is underwear, to girls of the super ability underwear! I often think that women's toughness and energy is higher than boys, but we need the ability to break through the social vision. "In fact, you are not born this way, you are controlled by society, you have not found." "I want to say this to girls. The girl needs the ability to become the one she is afraid to be. Wear a bad girl's underwear, you can become a bad girl you don't normally dare to be.

Back in the painting itself, a lot of people think my work is similar to me, but I have no special feeling. In fact, most of my creative inspiration is from my dream. I also often have no inspiration, at this time, I will go to sleep. Very strange, then my dream will give me a lot of inspiration, wake up, many concepts will become clearer than before bedtime.

So I will put a small book next to the bed, sometimes will wake up in the middle of the night, squat down in the book to draw, write down their dreams, is my Soath basin bar, to find inspiration when I will turn over the hand of the booklet.

Q3. To you, what do you think art creation is? What kind of qualities should an artist have?

Angela with her creative brochure!

Angela Chen: I think anything can be an art creation. Any. when you realize that you are creating, what you create can be a piece of art. I even think it's a kind of artistic creation to go to the party even if it's a very elaborate dress.

When it comes to the qualities of an artist, I find it too difficult to define, the artist I know is like a madman at some level, in the face of certain things have their own difficult to compromise to insist on the beauty of things fascinated, perhaps for others, they are fascinated by the extent of the degree of madness, but they do not mind. I think this is the artist in my eyes, you know what you insist on, and do not need the recognition of the community, can face their own strong and fragile, and even put such a dangerous mental state in the creation. (Recommended reading: A condensed view of her own female artist, Dakaro )

Q4. Please share with us some of your favorite sources of creative inspiration

Angela Chen: In my work, there is a rabbit named Qiu Rabbit, even if his job is to achieve a pair of couples, but he is the world's unique rabbit, so he is very lonely. Lonely He, so can not extricate himself to collect a pair of things, he stayed in the world, and that the world only he is singular. I find the story very sad.

Churby's hand, holding Barbie and Kenny.

The other one, it's my clown series.

The Clown was born in a very authoritative clown family, the clown father is the king to favor of the jester, the family of each one was born determined to become the most accomplished clown. When the clown was born, he was sent to a special school that trained the jester, and he was very resistant to it because he didn't think he could be like a normal human child. But he can only keep such a secret in his heart, until one day he met a candy store owner, the store has any candy to sell. The clown exchanged his own laughter for the candy that turned into a human child. The first day of becoming a human child, he was happy to feel that he was finally starting to experience the same life as everyone else! But a few days later, he suddenly discovered that this kind of life, is not originally interesting ... This is a clown with trouble, he knew he was very different, in order to make himself more suitable for the world, he let himself become like everyone else, but found himself become unhappy. ( not afraid of me and the world is not the same, my name is Xu Fang )

The clown is very contradictory, probably because of this, so I think actually this clown, very much like myself.

Q5: The creation idea and the main element of this little red box ?

Angela Chen: I love the story and the logic behind a creation. February Little Red box I want to convey the element is "lust", with a very fairy wind appearance, I hope to be able to provoke the imagination of love.

Angela Tailor-made, February limited small red box!

The girl on the floor in the garden of elephants, with a smile on her face will fly in the garden, think of what? There is my secret hint: "The enjoyment of sex is a wonderful thing." "The Little Red, which was fixed to report, marked our role as a woman, and the woman's body was wonderful and sexy." I also wrote on the box shell "It's fine to be sexy, because you are beautiful" This is what I have always believed, sexy is a good thing, girls, daring to expose your sexy, because you are very beautiful.

Like I often want to loudly tell the world I really love myself, but also want to ask why you are so good, but do not like yourself? With this month's Little Red box , in addition to encouraging everyone to talk about sex, but also hope that all the girls open the box to feel a lot of love for her as a woman.

Q6. Some people say that love and artistic creation is very much like, the process will produce a happy endorphins, you think?

Angela Chen: Love and art are really like, two are the things that I love and are willing to sacrifice to sleep. I used to be inspired a painting to the dawn, it is like the canvas in love, or even if not to a paragraph, I do not want to put down the brush to eat, so has been painting until I am satisfied with, so the contrast, should be like crazy in the state of the hot!

Specifically, I think love and art, for me, have some kind of irresistible attraction, is a similar "sex" temptation, not willing to stop the kind, so the small red box of February, I added the elements of lust, is a love and artistic creation, made a different attempt!

Q7: Please speak to Womany's readers as a Little red box designer.

Angela Chen: Hey! I think you'll like the Little red box of this month! Confidence

Also hope that you open the small red box, you can feel to yourself very much like the feeling, because a lot of things after you like yourself, really can do very well. Also do not forget to open your eyes to feel the world, see not wait to see, you can discover the infinite possibility of life, and this is also a kind of artistic creation!

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Author: womany Editorial office/Audrey Ko