What is the most important element in love? It's a letter that you should look at, whether you are single , in love or just lovelorn , if you write a letter to the future of him, what would you write? As a man, he has set himself a Chunsun theory , as a woman she said: "Dear Future You, I hope you are the one who can inspire me." (Let me write a letter to the dearest you )

To the future dear you,

All along, one of the things I pursue most in love is that we can motivate each other to grow.

I don't really care how you plan your personal time, you don't need to be with me, we are not pets, I hope you have your own interest. It would be great if the two of us had the same interest, because we could smile for a common reason, and if not, I would be happy for you as long as you were doing something to make you happy and grow.

I don't really care if you have a high degree, accumulating knowledge is an important thing for me, but going to school is not the only way to accumulate knowledge; I don't care what you do, I just want you to choose the job you really like, I hope when you do your work, Your face will shine with brilliance.

These words, I want to say again, because I really care. I care about each and every one of you, that is, the ones that I want to not dwell on, or the aspect you want me to ignore, because it is you. I want to get to know you, to remember every little detail that has happened in your life, to understand the most important things. In the end, even if you are not the 100 points I originally conceived for myself, even if you do not necessarily have all the conditions that I have secretly set for my boyfriend, you are not necessarily strong, not very responsible, and not so Manly. There is only one thing that I cannot compromise: Dear Future You, I hope you are able to inspire me with the people I need you to inspire me.

I hope you can inspire me and make me a better person. I hope you inspire me in my career, education, faith, culture, and values. I hope you can motivate me to take the first step to explore the unknown, to do things I never want to try, to read books that I didn't like before, to visit places I was not interested in, to eat foods that I always reject. I need you to motivate me to be a better person. In my own inspiration, if I occasionally lazy stop, if I temporarily lost direction, I hope that there is a person can run around me, tell me I should continue to move forward, I can overcome the difficulties.

And I want that person to be you. (It's you, not someone else: love, no need to convince yourself )

Also, I wish I were the one to inspire you. I want to be the force that inspires you to grow, to break your frame of self, to pull you out of the comfort zone, to explore the bigger world. The power of encouragement is like a seed, let us wantonly grow and thrive, break through our existing imagination. When we are able to motivate each other, we become the nutrients of each other's growth, because of each other, we become better people. We can always try new things, and take ourselves to higher, to see the landscape farther. The feeling of progress together, is so beautiful.

This is my imagination of love, perhaps you feel unrealistic, but I believe I can find such a person.

Love is flowing, in the relationship between two people, we certainly will not always be the same, the best love, not the same, but together in love grow, the best direction, is that we all become better people.

The power of motivation, let us be willing to get up and do something, let us put aside negative emotions, let us accumulate life experience and knowledge, let us find that they are so worthy of love. Isn't this a good part of a healthy relationship? Another person makes us feel happy and love, let us learn to put down ourselves, because there is another person in life more important than ourselves, let us willing to break the imagination of ourselves, believe that they can become better people, but also to inspire the people around us better.

What do you call love? I think I will say, Love is me in your body, see oneself can better strength.

Love, occasionally is the process of watching each other, sometimes you go ahead, I can't help to catch up with you, and occasionally I pull you forward.

In fact we are waiting for the one who can inspire us, and everyone in the world may be waiting for the one who can inspire him to appear. The person may have appeared, perhaps still in the dim light, he expected to inspire you are also inspired by you, looking forward to meet with you in a better way.

Dear Future you, before meeting you, I will try to fill myself up, then meet you, I can be very firm to say, I can let you grow woman, and you, will be the person that let me grow up? (same field Gayon: before I met you, I found love from myself )

The girl who tried to fill me up