The classic puppies give both sides the chance to feel the taste of paradise and match the mirror and make the sex of the two people hotter and hotter!

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Position name: Male-classic dog (Doggie Style)

Position in place: kneeling posture

The degree of clitoris stimulus: (full of 5 points)

G Point Stimulation: A

Action Challenge: (full 5 )

Visual stimuli: (full 5 )

How to:

The puppy is a simple classic gesture.It doesn't have to be too much effort, so it can give you a simple stimulus to the mystery G point.Ten men, about eight and a half men, will take this position to the most preferred position, because this position allows them to easily grasp the pleasure of entering and springing up, and because it is easy to stimulate the female's G point, both sides have the opportunity to feel the taste of paradise.

But with excitement, women may want more!It usually has eye contact, a sex touch with the body, and it makes women feel the love of a loved one.The disadvantage of puppies is that it is easier for women to feel a little alienation from the other side, so the womany suggests that if you want to adopt this posture, encourage his hands to fend off your round breasts, and even film your round buttocks, and it's better to stimulate your mysterious clitoris.


Looking for a mirror, look at how much you love, Looking at each other in front of the mirror, can increase the hotness of hotness , and can absolutely make the classic puppy, lift up to another stimulative and intimate posture !If you always kneel, you can remember the pillow or the blanket, so you can enjoy yourself in this posture.