I've seen Bailey's work. I don't want to talk about that kind of love anymore, can you take me with you? you find her pen love, there is always a special charm, she wrote the protagonist is so not to extricate themselves but also draw away from the deep in the game of Love, write the love inside the helplessness and cruelty, in the real world, she will be how to look at love? Come and see the Valentine's Month gift for you and invite them to the big question of love! (same field Gayon: exclusive interview with women fans: nine love Proverbs for Girls )

you've seen Belle works and listen to her calmly watching every one of the city's staggered love, overlapping body like those nights cheering cup, after the belly, left behind is still 1 what? Belle Slip pen, write down those seemingly only briefly frozen love moment ... Belle, wandering in the city of love between the recorder, she still believe in love?

On a rainy night, we saw Belle, with a thump of brown hair, 35 years old, with a little girl in her eyes. We asked about the attitude of love, Bailey smiled and said: "Pessimistic for a long time will become optimistic, and finally found, to believe and accept that the days will be much happier." I did not believe in love, but do not believe that long life has become cynical, and suddenly found that it is not a happy way of life. 」

"After a terrible relationship, I began to believe in love," he said. Because even if the love is so bad, love on the way, I still so happy, so love, there must be. 」

Still believe in love, despite the fall so painful, Bailey said: "When you see the world about the pain of love, or willing to believe that love exists, that is true letter." "See through the most unbearable part of love, still embrace love and believe in Love, Valentine's Day night, to hear Bailey talk about love, she is so thinking ..." (also want to discuss with Belle face-to-face?) 2/22 Bailey Sea Moss Bear fan salon, Ouch love yo! A lifetime of love exercises )

1. Do you believe in love? How would you describe the love thing?

Believe, believe that true love is seemingly stupid, but must adhere to the matter.

I often feel that there is always a motivation to make you believe in love. I also feel like me, old enough to maintain single people actually have two kinds, one is absolutely do not believe in love, so do not want to let themselves into that emotion, the other is absolute believe, so do not want to any small link of love compromise. You know, a person who has heard a lot of sad stories, his attitude towards love is not necessarily sad. (same field Gayon: a good thought should be happy 30 years old )

Know a lot of sad stories, but also imagine the possibility of happiness, is not a difficult thing, like the test of the first person so little, but everyone still want to test first Ah, probably this feeling. There are a lot of things that you believe and have a chance to witness it happen. And I really think so, do not believe that love people, watching Hollywood romantic love drama did not feel, watching Korean dramas will not move, such a small thing will not let themselves feel small sweet, much pity.

Do not believe in love, less naïve, may also be early to the heart of the innocence consumed it. So although I have been hurt, I still believe in love, because we also have the ability to love.

Think of love quotes, Bailey cute smile Smiling eyes

I like the VCDs 30 alarm in this sentence: "Two people in love, is the miracle of God." 」

I feel that love is really not easy, similar words in recent very ramming Korean dramas "From the Stars of you" also said, so for me, like a person difficult, love is a miracle, love is not easy, so more to cherish. (Recommended reading: believe in yourself, believe in love )

2. What is Love? Please describe love with one thing?

What is Love? If you use a thing, a color, a place ... Describe love, what do you think it will be? Close your eyes and think, and listen to Bailey's answer!

Love is faith, and hope is good. Love is also like the sky, never be the same scenery, there will be different beauty and haze, but when you look up, in fact it has always been.

As I just mentioned, we can't just choose the good part of love, there is sadness and happiness in love. I feel more in love, everyone has their own experience, you feel that the right, in fact, is good. It may be difficult, but when you forget why you're in love, remember to ask yourself, sometimes, what you want, and I think that's enough.

3. Is it possible to be in love all your life? What was your most memorable love experience?

Love for a lifetime, I also hope, but this will be palpitation to death.

I like love ah, like each other to see the other side of the face are embarrassed to feel, is the daughter difficult to buy happiness.

But I think in love, of course, we can not only choose the sweet part of the experience of love, good bad is a part of love, but also the necessary life. As for the most unforgettable love experience is my secret (laughter), I read a comic book when I was a child, the name I forgot, said above: "The memory is more said that the more light", so want to remember the love, I will put in the bottom of my heart.

When I am in love, I am definitely an overly emotional person, and I feel funny sometimes. My idea of a good love Ah, is like the big Mao Black melon advertisement in that way, two an old married man hand in hand, chatting about what to eat tonight, it is a kind of incomparable happiness.

4. How do you describe yourself when you are madly in love? And the lovelorn self? A single self?

It's all crazy, hahaha.

Not really, what to say, lovelorn and love when the momentum and appearance are not ordinary themselves, the single of course, they will be rational stability of many, can be less life for someone to worry about the heart, is really boring, love is a very happy thing, even if the lovelorn is the same. I feel lovelorn cry is also very normal, even watching love movie TV dramas May because the plot touching cry, lovelorn how can not cry?

There are a lot of crazy women in my book, in fact, I think crazy women are very cute, they may be particularly insecure, particularly want to try to catch something, out of the normal, so is considered to be very crazy, but carefully think we more or less in love or lovelorn, are their usual do not know the crazy look! When you look back you will find that every love, if you have been crazy, also let you know you do not know yourself. (Sometimes, you should put it down, not him )

5. The story in your book always lets people see their shadow, where does the inspiration for writing come from?

is a lot of love for a moment of assembly! That we've all been through.

when I first started writing in my early 20, I always recorded my friend's story intact. Or the story of their own, but the longer the larger, the more found that this is very hurtful, so also began to listen to the story to retrieve fragments, of course, now has a network, but also some readers or netizens share the story. So, my source of inspiration is life, the stories I hear, your stories, their stories, our stories.

so I do not comment on love, also do not explain, more can not tell you what kind of love is good, what kind of love is bad, because I am not an expert in love, but the head of the city of Love record, so just, write down all belong to our story. (About our Story: why lose, but also be punished?) )

6. Can we disclose your mate condition secretly?

Although Love does not talk about conditions, but to be honest, we are very often a certain type of people are deeply attracted, Bailey secretly in the heart of the mate condition is what?

I can say that the recent love is king and professor, because I saw the Secret Garden with the stars from you, hahaha.

All professors are the ideal type in the minds of many girls!

I think everyone still has a "condition", that is, will like a certain type, I do not say I like handsome, and some big boy breath of people.

I also like the sound, quick reaction of people, it is too difficult to describe, but I was at first sight of the people, the initial meeting can know whether to like this person. To say that everyone is in the heart, but did not have the courage to say: "If this person is not my food, then how to chat, it seems that there is no use." "(Recommended reading: You should be eccentric voice )

But sometimes it's a paradox, and even though this person fits every point on the Check List, you can't say what's wrong with him, but he doesn't feel like him. I think there is still a large part of love, it is an indescribable attraction. Sometimes there is no explanation, just so attractive, the kind of love in the moth-like charm.

7. What is the most touching thing you have ever heard?

I used to think that the touching words of words were beautiful, but now I think that the most touching should be given to the future.

If you always remember the people said to you, how to go forward? But there is still a sentence I like, whether it is me or each other, in the present once said to each other "because I met you, I like myself more" is probably this sentence, but still let me look forward to the future!

8. As a gender writer, is there any love problem that is most feared to be asked?

I'm afraid of all the above questions (laughter)

9. Who has not suffered several injuries in love, please give a few words of encouragement to the boys and girls who are injured!

"Cherish every moment to fall in love with others, because the most people fear is not hurt, but a bit can not meet the heart of the object ah." " as for being single, there's nothing to be afraid of, just a half-time break, and practice being a happy person even if you're alone." (Recommended reading: Welcome to the Happy age of single )

And finally, on the day after Valentine, Belle wants to talk to you.

Single You, on such a day, or to be happy to believe. Valentine is a beautiful day, you can go home to soak a bath, read a book, pick a romantic movie, feel the love of their own feelings. have a lover of you, in fact, walking hand is the best gift, because of love, you can always hug.

Womany also want to say that the past Valentine's Day happy, but more importantly, dear you, after Valentine's Day, but also enjoy the joy in love, but also embrace the sadness in love, but also like their own in love inside the growth.