You envy Hong Kong 's prosperity, but have you ever heard of the "Caged House" in Hong Kong? Caged House, also known as the "Coffin House", the people living here have no choice but to live here, they have to be on the street. Perhaps in every city under the shiny coat, there are some people who live hard. Because they are not often seen, they are often forgotten, and thus become a group of silent and hidden people in the city. Let's listen to their story. (Recommended reading: Berlin, the gloomy but delightful city )

Every city has its own unknown aspect, capitalism is always celebrating the city's glamorous appearance, but we often do not find that the city has such a group of bitterness of the little people, they live in the city head, but was forgotten ...

Hong Kong's high prices, the level of house prices and the concentration of people in the isthmus are well known, the Daily Mail Daily mails It then reported on the phenomenon of "caged homes" in Hong Kong. The Cage house was born as early as the 1950, when a large number of mainland immigrants poured into Hong Kong, the population was rising, the "cage house" emerged. Up to this day, bedspace apartment dwellers have been unable to calculate that they are dwelling at 6 sq ft X3 feet, in small spaces made of iron and wood, with space even smaller than a coffin, they cannot stretch their legs and can only curl themselves under a small blanket at midnight.

In Hong Kong, a small suite has an average price of HK $16000 per month, and in a cage house they are paid 1500 HKD a year in exchange for a curled up year. They have no choice but to live in caged homes or on the streets. Let's take a look at their story.

He is 57 years old and retains the habit of reading newspapers every day.

He is 57 years old, suffering from mental illness, he is a day of leisure is to smoke a few bites of hard smoke.

Six-Year-old girl and mother, for them, life is so, have no choice.

British photographer Brain Cassey, took these groups of photos with unbearable mood. He said , "inside the cage, it's hot, dark, high-pressure and unfriendly." When I first stepped in here, I heard the landlord constantly shouting at the residents ...

According to statistics, in 1997, 粗估 had 100,000 people living in cages, which is now difficult to estimate, and there are many illegal cages, which put people in unsafe living spaces. But many residents have said that "living in cages, better than the street, they have also been waiting for social assistance, but eventually found, or only on their own." "As a little figure of bitterness, they did not say export, but all wrote on the face."

The old gentleman, who had lived in a cage for 30 years and 79 years old, had long been accustomed to living with a cage.

60 years old, he worked in a Chinese restaurant. Now the caged house he lives in is illegal,
But in order to live, he can only go to the law inside drill.

Such "Caged House" phenomenon, of course, not only occurred in Hong Kong, Taiwan also has many we forget to care about corners, some are seen like Dapu events, some hidden in the media spotlight lights do not shine. And behind every country's brilliance, there are actually a bunch of little people. They live in the dark corner of the city, they are old, not really much, but it is a little social concern. When they even give up the social assistance, I think our society is really sorry, but this group of people.