Is it a uniform sex position that makes both sides feel no fun?Try to look at the sex posture of women who are tidying up for you, and look at the emotions of the two people!

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Postposition name: Female — — horse on stickbar

Position in position: sitting

The clitoris stimulus: a value of at the value of 5

G Point stimuli: (full 5 )

Action Challenge: (full 5 )

Visual stimulus: a

How to:

Already tired of the standard female position?Just a little bit of a little trick, everything can be different. In the middle of his leg, the two legs of the knee can easily be moved to his body, feeling the temperature and humidity of each other, and taking the initiative to give them the most sensitive and delicate position. This posture can not only simply let women satisfy the paradise of orgasm, but also move to move up and down the same way.(Recommended reading: [sex body] Improve the ballerina style of interest )

Small dexter:

The female position is a very intimate moment when a partner can feel different.This can be driven by the tempo of passive aggressive love. When the male partner is of comparative record, the posture can save physical exertion and lengthening the sweet time.Women can also be able to do the same thing, to show their charisma, and to give the other half a strong sense of visual stimulation.


When you use a female position, you should be aware of the extent of lubrication, and if you are not lubricated, don't rush to insert it so that you don't want to cause each other's pain, and don't want to insert it all at once.(Recommended reading:

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