When the girl transformed into a woman, that is unique to the beautiful process, your eyes become sharp, you soft response to others, you know more about the return to their weight, belong to the woman's metamorphosis mature in the invisible details quietly happen.

Honey, have you ever wondered what it is that makes us a woman from a girl? Is it the first time, first love , First kiss, first sex , or the moment when you get married and walk into the auditorium?

We thought it might be more accurate to say that every person has a different point of view when she becomes a woman. Just as everyone walked the different road, each girl will inadvertently walk through the flashes of the twinkling of an instant, suddenly aware of themselves from the girl's identity broken pupa out, patting the wings to greet the woman's own. Because of this, every girl, every woman, is not the same. ( don't be afraid, we study together )

That beautiful moment, perhaps also grow up the moment? In that moment, something was left in the old space-time, and something came in from the sky like a strange magic. From girls to women, we get something, and of course we lose something. But there are 10 things that remain with us, and no one can take them away. Did you learn that too? (same field Gayon: are you really growing up?) 15 things you should learn after 20 years of age

1. Some people, some things really do not deserve your energy and pay

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Don't take the best of yourself, be the worst he childless.

A lot of things, grow up suddenly understand. Young, in order to a lovelorn, pillow wet for several nights, crying at night to the hoarse, and constantly blame oneself is where do not good, if again how good. Then you go through again and again lovelorn, for their own healing, bandage wound, dry tears, climb up, also grew up. You gradually understand is not your own bad, perhaps not his bad, just two people really do not fit. Do not fit, there is no need to waste energy on each other, if not love, how to do are forced.

In this world, our days are actually not much, precious time is really spent on the worthy people, the worth of things on the good. (same field Gayon: riding on the donkey, will not find a good horse )

2. Did not kill you to make you stronger

Do you remember the 20-year-old? A little green, a little rash, a little wavering, for some small things in the eyes of the red that you. You have made some choices, some are good to think about now, and some are bad at the moment. Life does not always go smoothly, who is not stumbled a few back? But those who walk, those who fall, those who endure, and those who do not kill you, always make you stronger.

What doesn ' t kill you do you stronger, do you think of yourself?

3. The sudden discovery of aging is an incredibly elegant process.

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20 years old, 30 years old, 40 years old, each have their own charm

After the girl became a woman, only realized that life is an infinite road. Youth wearing shorts and dragging on your feet, the first time you fall in love, rub the first lipstick, trace the first line of your eyes, the end of the eye began to appear the first laugh smiling smiling wrinkles you, pregnant with the first child of you, watching the children run to the shuttle bus you ... compared to the previous heard "old" to look at the eyes, now you, gracefully enjoy the process of aging, you really like every stage of their own. (Recommended for you to grow up: pregnant, into the next stage of life )

4. Things don't always go according to the perfect plan.

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Life is like this, can not grasp everything in hand, to let off some, can pick up some.

Seriously, who doesn't have a few crazy dreams in mind? Who has few great ideals in mind? Dreams can not be put into practice, things will not always follow the route you plan to go, it is very realistic, very cruel, but from girls into women, you really learn that the real world is not a wish will be realized in the amusement park . You know, the world used to kick you when you thought it was going well, but it also helped you when you were frustrated.

And the process of growing up is to accept the vagaries of the world. With the Times, wiped away tears, and then continue to walk in their own belief in the road, struggle, and strive to run. Until no longer worthy of himself. (Recommended reading: Are you really growing up?) After 20 years of age, you should learn 15 things in life.

5. Relax, no longer for the life of every thing to set a good milestone

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As a girl, we like to pull down a milestone for life, right.

25-Year-old met with a fixed lifetime of the right Mr. Mr.right,30 married before the age of 32 years old first child, 40-Year-old Smile Mimi Watch children group A basketball team!

And then all of a sudden, the longer we grow, the more we struggle before our own age milestones. We are 25 years old, but the person around us, not we want to follow a lifetime of people (and then suddenly enlightened, do not want to spend a lifetime that why drag waste each other time?) How flash eyes 30 years old, we are still alone? dear, life is not a rugby game, no one can force you to reach the matrix in a limited time. The longer you get, the more you learn to define happiness for yourself. (Recommended reading: It seems to be a natural happiness of 30 years old )

6. Learn to decorate yourself in the most appropriate way

10 and 20 years old, there are always some ridiculous photos. (We really do not dare to recall) at that time, we do not know how to manage their own, the quickest way, had to follow the popular walk. Which shape does not begin with imitation? The difference between've seen or parody. But after girls became women, we learned to decorate ourselves in the most appropriate way in many of the wrong experiences that we would laugh at. (All right!) Be honest with those "miserable" childhoods.

We know our figure, and we have a good temper, and we don't have to be stuck in a dress that doesn't fit, pretending to be another person.

7. Depending on others, it's better to rely on yourself

It's good to depend on others, learn to depend on yourself better.

Looking for happiness from others, like a fleeting flower fire, gorgeous and short-lived, because you will change, others will change, no one can guarantee you a happy life . Probably after several sad experiences, you realize that you should not rely on others to give you happiness, because the best to take care of you, in fact, is not someone else, but yourself.

So you learn to rely on yourself financially and spiritually. It's not just the time when you are loving me , you also depend on yourself to support yourself. from girls to women, you are no longer afraid of being alone with yourself, you no longer feel sure to rely on the people around you to give you happiness. You know how to find happiness from yourself. Happiness is one's own, not another's.

8. You hug, not always hug you

"All say life has no regrets, that is deceitful words, if really no regrets, how boring." 」

The Guru of the generation

When we are young, we believe in everlasting and unchanging, when we grow up, we find that life really has a so-called miss. Because the people you hug, don't always hug you. After having, let him go, although you still shed tears, but you have been free.

You don't give up believing in true love, just start to see more open. You are still waiting for the person to appear, just feel that they are very good. life has a bit of regret, in fact, is also very good. Not perfect life, but also have their own really walked through the taste of pain. ( recommended reading: turn off his face book, you save Your Life )

9. Don't forget to be gentle.

Deep words to shallow to say, long way to splurge, big world to feel frankly, will hurt the wound gently rub.

Zhang Hang

A song, a cup of tea, a smile, do not lose your softness and gentleness. Zhang Hang this sings: "Don't forget, want gentleness, don't forget, want to be joyful." "We all have been blinded by anger, there are thinking about it so give up the time, have not been understood, dear, do not forget, to be gentle."

The world is turbulent, your gentleness, the softness of your heart, all allow you to keep your heart at ease. No matter what, do not lose the softness of the heart, also do not mean to bring others warm. (Recommended reading: How long has not smiled?) 10 small exercises that make you more comfortable

10. Treat Yourself Well

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Treat oneself well, very simple word, we have wasted a long time to understand.

Treat yourself well, so don't mess up all night to torture your body; treat yourself well, so listen to your own voice, and treat yourself well, so every little thing about yourself is important, treat yourself well, so no one cares about you, you have to care about yourself.

Because dear, there is no more urgent matter than to treat yourself. And you know,

To a unworthy person to give up the good, is poor to himself.

From girls to women, is a beautiful process. Or in fact, girls to women not just a walk through even the process, is the state of life, timid and strong, shy and calmly, are still in our veins. from girls to women, do you like yourself more?