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2014 Golden Horse Fantasy Film Festival in 4/4 Mania opening! The signature show, The Rocky Horror Show and the opening movie, Welcome to the Grand Hotel Budapest. Hey, if you want to see the opening of the Golden Horse Fantasy Film Festival, Womany will give you a ticket. (Wonderful movie review: cloud Lovers, near-future love exploration )

Budapest Hotel, what kind of a restaurant, so that celebrities scramble to stay? Take you closer to the fantasy world with the eye of an apprentice concierge. A murder, a concierge in the shadow of a killer, a fantasy adventure with black humor, things may not seem so simple!?

Welcome to the Budapest Grand Hotel, where Hollywood stars gather, Bill Murray effort, Owenwilsen, Chuderi, Andoblodi, Shiweidida Swindon and others. It is said that in order to this film, Jude also special fans gesture hand to the director of Anderson, said he liked the work, hope to live in this fantastic Budapest Hotel, a corner! Take a look at the charm of this movie.

Film Introduction

During the Second World War, the "Budapest Grand Hotel" is the top Hong Kong has a reputation, the most famous hotel in Hong Kong, Uppermostpart gathered, political and business celebrities have to scramble to stay, often a house difficult to find! But to stay at the "Budapest Grand Hotel," the concierge Gestav must do some packing.

Ingenuity and will sense the head of the Gestav but met a trouble, his confidante old age 80 several of D suddenly burst into death, and left a large legacy to him. This can cause the family dissatisfaction of Mrs. D, the result of the underworld to kill him, and the police also want to arrest him. Fortunately, Gestav is not a fuel-saving lamp, he put the young new into the concierge usefulness, help him liyingwaige, but no FaceBook era, how he would like to series the hotel to help him through the difficulties?

About the movie

Director Anderson is already a master director in international film festivals or the American film market. "Welcome to the Budapest Hotel" is his eighth director's work, invited to the number of big-name stars countless, and all do not count the rankings and play a serious performance, in the film these carry the box office actors are amazing! such as Rafe Fens, Jude, Andoblodi, Edward Norton, Jeff Goberun, Shiweidida Swindon, Owenwilsen, all of them are not small!

"Every time Anderson makes a movie, it's creating a whole new world," says Jeremydason, a producer. Whether it is the "Moon Rise Adventure Kingdom", "Darjeeling Limited", this "Welcome to the Budapest Hotel" to recreate a fictional eastern European hot spring Town Zupovaka, coupled with that era, that atmosphere and Gestav Explorer, All mixed up together becomes this very interesting movie plot. 」

At the beginning of the film a young writer performed by Jude, from whom he and the Master of the story, one of Mustafa's fantasy adventures of "Welcome to the Budapest Grand Hotel", extended a fascinating murder case with the friendship and adventure between Mustafa and Gestav.

About scene design, say a little more

One of the most important roles in "Welcome to the Budapest Hotel" is the scene design! Because it is not easy to find 1930-year architecture, interiors, and European-style scenes from the Inside out, the director looks for his classic European architecture from many photos and finds that many of the suitable scenes have either been demolished or have been refurbished and updated. So I have to do it all by myself.

But finally, the production team found a World Heritage city of Kolitz, Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic, which offers a rich Kolitz of Goethe, Baroque and the new art era. Adamstakosen, who has always followed the design of the Anderson scene, has recently collaborated with Steve McQueen, in addition to the Darjeeling Limited and the moon's Adventure kingdom, to the heart of freedom. In the film, all the designs in the hotel are carefully created by Stackossen.

Stackossen said: "When I was designing this restaurant, I started to shape the soul of the hotel with the character of Gestav , and then followed the background of that era with the image of Ralph Fens, the complete hue, style and architecture." So it is really a big challenge, after all, it is a very large and complex scene. 」

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