The Sun-flower student movement announced a 4/10-night six-point exit from the Legislative Yuan and spread its appeal in a more outward-spreading way. At the same time, this restless April is also the commemoration of his 25 anniversary martyrdom. He is Zheng Nanxi, a name that all Taiwanese people should know. (Recommended reading: The first time I clocked, I was successful university in South Banyan Square )

For many things we are forgetful, the predecessors of the tree Horong, look at the mainland Guangdong maoming protest PX incident , the authorities bloody repression, the entire town in the mainland search engine Baidu disappeared from thin air, the incident was blocked, the appeal was neglected, just suddenly found that, as the Taiwanese people, we is so luxurious to enjoy the freedom of speech.

But the freedom of speech that we take for granted is, in fact, what he traded for in his life. He burned his body, lit up Taiwan, his name is Zhengnan Banyan.

25 years ago, 1989 of April 7, he burned his ambition to gain 100% of the freedom of speech; 25 years later, we felt he was still standing with us, shouting and crying out loud and firm.

Because of him, 228 is no longer just a history covered by the Government, the 228 anniversary of peace is thus born. Because of his countless speeches and the creation of the non-party magazine "Free Times", shouting "for 100% of Freedom", when the Taiwanese began to believe that democracy and freedom is the people's rights. Because he promoted the "519 Green movement", people can express their desire for martial law with green ribbons. (about Taiwan's history, do you know the beauty of Zhangjiang against the White Terror?) )

He said: "Why let the people with the town riot police and the town riot force, opposition in this street," such a scene whether you feel like once, the original 25 years later, we are still in situ. When he bravely rammed the authoritarian system, now the students in the Legislative Yuan, did not insist on the love of Taiwan?

Zheng Nanxi wife Ye Julan said: "I love very much love Zheng Nanxi, I respect him more." Because she is not in love with a small wife, a child, he loved the whole of Taiwan, he loved the Taiwan land of the Shire people. 」

Gentleness does not work, but finally burst. The day of April 7, the police have surrounded the magazine to prepare for the arrest action, Zheng Nanxi locked himself in the magazine editor's office, with a lighter on the editor-in-chief table under the three barrels of petrol, the fire spread, the flames swallowed his body, but wipe out his spirit, he said: "This life, when the director, not to be an actor." He used his angry tongues to draw a rest for the last play of his life.

Remember his diary in prison that wrote: "We are small people, but we are good nation and good." "In Taiwan, we may be really small, but we really do not have any, except that a very love Taiwan heart."

25 years in the past, we are still working for Taiwan. Thank you Zheng Nanxi, with sincere heart to you, also thank you, the next guardian of the task of Taiwan, to us. The rest, really really, is our business.

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