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In a time of rising wages in Taiwan, it is not easy to find a job and it may be harder to find a job that you really enjoy . Recently, in the United States, a company has opened the most stringent working conditions in history, ask the brave to challenge the "world's most rigorous work"! Let's see what medicine the company is selling! And what do you think of the "toughest job in the world"?

The working conditions are really open to people who are not paid for the whole year? A company named Rehtom Inc. recently advertised a job search for a full-time "operations manager" and made the following incredible working conditions:-

  1. Have the power to do most of the work time must stand
  2. Minimum working hours for 135 hour, and no upper limit depending on customer situation escalating
  3. Must have medical, financial and culinary skills
  4. Annual leave is not available throughout the year
  5. During the holidays, such as Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving Day, the workload will increase
  6. Not having enough time to sleep
  7. Warning: This is a job that you do poorly without your full effort.
  8. Good negotiation and interpersonal communication skills.
  9. have critical handling capacity
  10. If you have a life, you have to consider giving up your life after you take this job.

This unconventional work has 2.7 million browsing rates for paid ads, while only 24 brave men have thrown their resumes to the next opportunity for a video interview.

The video interview begins, a Zhang intends to look at the face of the situation, in the confirmation of the working conditions are correct, has been exposed pained, and even began to ask whether such work is lawful, and hear the above conditions of the candidates, will get the salary is 0 ... (wait, the k is not miserable enough?) You probably can't help screaming in your heart. )

Frowning, she said: "Is this kind of work legal ..."

The elder sister can not help shouting: "This is to make a fuss?" 」

"Eh, wait, does this job have no rest time?" "This man looks very confused.

Many people dumbfounded, some began to read such a work is too inhumane, and the interviewer slowly say such a job in fact, many people around the world to do, the results of the interview is a surprise ...

Have you guessed it? With all of the above working conditions, the toughest job in the world is called Mom. My mother, your mother, our mother, have been living in such a work cycle.

Not having enough time to sleep, the child sleeps, only then dares to lie down (listens to you not to know the breast milk Mother story ), does not have the so-called work rest time, all year round, at any time on calls also cannot face the exhaustion state; At the same time, the finance chief, the chef, the Emergency handling brigade, the chauffeur ..., living in many kinds of identity, busy looking after the people around her, do not know how long there is no time to take good care of themselves.

She dare not take leave to relax, because before she is a person, now she has you or you, she feels that takes you/you to look after well, is her biggest responsibility. are there any more conscientious employees in the world than mom? Mother's Day will come, please remember to hug her around, write a card to her, pick a gift to her, tell her hard, our family's most laborious operation manager!

We should also know that the love of mother should not only on Mother's Day, but also like the mother Love us, the year without a break. (Honey, do you love Mom?) Say it out loud on our Mother's Day ! )

About mom, the big things about love
〉〉 working mother and housewife, who is more hard?
〉〉 When one day, mother is old ...
〉〉 mother, the sweetest name in the whole world.

Type: Womany Editorial office/Audrey Ko