A first date doesn't always know how to open the topic.I'll give you ten, Tips, and let the two men start!

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The first date is always an uneasy feeling.Everyone hopes that the first date can be used to understand each other and introduce themselves. They all hope that they will not smash the impression of each other (after all, there is a first date, and it is already a beginning).So what is important to talk about? Let's take a look at the ten criteria that experts give, and talk about it, that's right!

Anything except his past

At the first date, no one should ask about the history of the past.It shouldn't even be mentioned, until the other side actively shares its past, sharing the past very private, and it also needs the comfort circle of each other.Direct access to information is definitely not a good start in the first date.

Ask your brothers and sisters!

Don't ask him about history, ask if he has brothers and sisters, he is the old at home, how he is with them, and this is a relatively comfortable and simple start.At the same time, you can still know what kind of person he is probably.

Where do I travel?

Travel is always a good topic.From experience sharing in the past, where the future is about to come, you can understand each other's interests and interests from the imagination and experience of travel.If you're a girl who loves shopping, and the other person says he really hates Hong Kong, it's a big shopping mall; or you love the adventuresy, the free sun, but he likes to eat and drink in big cities, and you can easily imagine the future with a simple imagination.(Recommended reading: shaddock sweet column | Traveller's visit is more important than "travel" )

Would you like to eat or drink?

First date, if it's static in a restaurant or in a restaurant, don't focus on what you want to do, and then ask the right side of the party easily, revealing your sweet side.In the course of the dialogue, you can also focus on the food and drinks that the other person likes.For example, if the other person likes to eat seafood, you can quickly search for delicious seafood restaurants.If the first date is good, you can take the initiative to invite another restaurant to prepare for the next possible date! (Recommended: Be careful!The Beverage Leaks )

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Simply ask your business!

It's always good to know what the other person is doing: What are you doing?Planning for the Future?The experience?You don't have to go deep into his daily work style, or exactly one year, three, five, five goals. It's just a little easy to understand what he's doing, sharing, encouraging, and finding out the character of this person from work, and that's not what you like.

chat about his friends

A lot of girls will have a defensive heart for their friends, not to talk about their friends.But it was a pity, asking if he had any good friends?What are you doing with your friends?You will know how he is with his friends, and even better understand that he is a good person!The importance he attaches to his friends is a great contrast to the neglect of the good.

Your favorite recreation

Like dancing?Do you like sports?What kind of music does it love to watch movies or like?From the usual casual entertainment of the other side, we can immediately know that the combination of the two people is uncooperative!More importantly, if there is a similar interest, a more in-depth discussion can be opened.

What are you doing over the weekend?

This is really a great topic!Not only do you know, the real state of his life (when there is no work, there is a heap of free time), you can understand how he arrangs his own life, and it's a bit of a revelation. " Maybe we can do something together at the weekend."

Don't forget your body language

Body Language is absolutely critical.When he was talking, he was listening to him, so he knew that you paid attention to what he was talking about.If you really have a good sense of him, and sometimes you don't have a good physical contact, the two will shine a different spark (but note that it is only minor).

Natural flow of conversations

Although the two people sometimes share a beautiful silence, the first date is not a good one.Don't just sit there waiting for each other to talk, naturally allow conversations to flow between each other, talk, ask questions, listen, answer, and make conversation with each other full of rhythm and change.The first date will naturally be the best start of the two of you!(Recommended reading: Emoticons speak )