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Perhaps everyone has had a break after the experience of the heart, but if the sadness can be a key to delete, from now on clean slip? One image artist, Vicotria Siemer, is inspired by the current dependency on apps and the Internet , turning people into a computer, dealing with heartache in a different way, and the meaning of a new form of breakup therapy! Take a quick look, do you like this way? (Recommended reading: Why break up, so painful )

Looking back over the years, the rapid progress of the Internet has not only changed life, it has also changed the way we love on a large scale. e-mail, dating online, love digital, affection can also upload to the clouds. We use the mobile phone dating software to meet new objects every once in a while. We use online chat room to make an ambiguous, tube its name is called FB, line or early forgotten WhatsApp; we love each other online, then also used to say good-bye on the line, sad without naming, into a program language without solution.

Feeling that the network dominates the human feelings of the world phenomenon, image artist Victoria Siemer created a series called "Human Error" "Human error" works, will be one after another "computerization." Imagine in the digital age, if a person is a computer, can not hold a good friend cry, can't drink, can't sleepless nights, will use how "efficient" way to cover up the Secret Broken heart.

If human is a computer, the sadness of lovelorn may look like this ...

It's time to wake up! You have four options, click to wake up now, wake up after one hours, wake up tonight, and remind me tomorrow! (How come there's not an option that never reminds me?) )

He broke your heart without warning, do you intend to ignore (ignore), crawl (the) or give him another chance (Reopen)

Warning! Broken heart without normal steps

Remind! Someday, you'll die.

Are you sure you want to remove all emotions? Once confirmed, all emotions are permanently removed and can no longer be repaired. Would you choose to cancel or delete it?

The memory of your heart is full! By removing old lovers, you can release some new hardware space

Prepare to empty new trash cans (Total objects: 5838)

The above image photography, whether reminds you of Carrey and Kate Winslet co-star "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" inside can delete heartache memory of indifferent clinic? But perhaps the body and the person, our most fortunate is that we are not as rational as the computer. Our emotions are so hard to quantify without being controlled. Can not say delete on the delete, can not directly put the people who do not fit into the trash can not go back to the previous step and again, and no one can be hundreds of copies affixed.

Body and for people, in the face of lovelorn and heartbreak, we can only stupid waiting for their own good, only a piece of the broken himself to pick up again, he did not, I also want to myself! Body and as a person, unable to press a shortcut, the advance of a few years after the happy himself, happiness and sadness are always there, always will, but can not always press the next page (next key) to skip over.

There are always some memories, you think already cloud light wind light, but found that they have not forgotten, and there will be such a day, you can no longer think of the reasons for love. Some people, is destined to disappear in your vast memory, in your life and you pass. Until one day to think of it, no longer feel pity.

Body and as a person, sadness can not delete a key, the memory of the heart perhaps because of too much reluctant to throw away memories Changda caps, but this is our most lovely place! Also feel the sadness, there are some of the people do not want to put down, perhaps also we are the blessing of the body! (maybe: don't use the App, let me call you )

Like the Clementine and Joel in the eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

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Reference Source:Victoria Siemer