What kind of sparks do they produce when they are traditional?Look at how best to play Mei Wen, how to get out of living things, and play out extraordinary things!

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Traditional and modern integration — — Enjoy Envor: Perfect design makes life fun and good

Creating a design studio in March 2010, created by the younger designer — Taiwan — — Lianghui The main designer products are living goods, from the bowl to the seasoning jar, or from the lamp to the vase, and to the actual art. It's absolutely amazing to everyone!

At first, Lien's writing was based on 3C products, because of the observations of the Taiwan environment and the growing interest in ceramics. In addition to the design and branding of the products, he is also devoted to the development of ceramic-related products.

So the materials of all the design items are ceramic-based.Integrating traditional culture into the design and making his works have an old impression of Taiwan's nostalks, and the design can combine with the traditional impression, which is more practical and active!Because of this nature, the design of the art design, which is created by the art museum, has been popular with the National Palace Museum in —, where it supplies specific design products to the National Palace Museum for sale.(Recommended reading: aesthetic education is not to walk around two circles of the National Palace Museum, but practice in life practice )

Traditional x Modern

Traditional Chinese art "paper-cut " with a "Fuqi," and "adorable " and a "water-absorbing ceramic" a "water-absorbing ceramic" - a "cup mat" that can be seen everywhere, and add to the Chinese style and practicality!

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One Yuan and Vientiane Update " is a new beginning for every day. Forget the past grief and worry, and every day there is a new outlook.In addition, the design of the coin is designed to make an animal totem, such as the Taiwan black bear and the mikado pheasant, by cutting the art of paper.(Recommended reading: Li Bao-Yi, a refined paper-cut art )

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Bowl Bowl, which is a series of major design exhibitions, has a series of Paipea Bowl " series, which makes the styrofoam bowls heavy and makes it a touch of the bowl-shaped bowl of ceramic materials.When you touch it, you don't slip, and you show the people's eating culture. The impression of the bowl has been transformed from a big bowl of the agricultural society into a bubble bowl of industrial and commercial society.

pattern in the bowl, more from the hand-drawn brush strokes of Teacher Yang Lily's teacher, adds traditional art and fun to the bowl!(Recommended reading: When the traditional represents the Sleeve Sleeve's Sleeve Stretch Platform

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A family of living things with a "socket" as the main concept, with three-hole receptacles, two-hole receptacles.The three-hole socket-shaped pepper pot and the fruit fork seat with two holes socket shape are used for reminding people that it is a good habit of using electric quantity at any time and pulling out with the socket.The series combines ceramics with wood so that the scenery on the dining table becomes both stable and interesting.

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