Confession letter, write to put in the heart like a long time people. Today this letter of confession, to my dear mother . Dear mother, as children of us, want to understand your happiness and sadness, want to hug your fragile and strong, dear mother, you are not necessarily ten omnipotent invincible Iron King, you Are you, it is good enough! A daughter placed in the heart for a long time, want to give her mother's deep love , you have the same feeling? (Recommended reading: The love letter to Mom, you did not teach but let me learn more than five things )

Dear Mother,

Sometimes it's good to ask you, what is it like to be a mother? Has not become a mother of me, about the mother of a lot of things can only look at your back, calculate the road you have traveled, unrestrained imagination.

I imagined a little life starting from the belly, two of people (and possibly even twins) share a plump body; imagine watching this little life come and go from Lian to running and jumping. From her first crush on the next door boy to a boyfriend who has a steady relationship and a future marriage. , from the first time she left home to her half a year to be free to return home; The little thing that can enfold you from your hands, to the tall man who can pick up your neck, and you are so gentle and quiet that you walk with him through his 10, 20, 30 years and a longer way.

Dear mother, I discovered that from the day of the child's birth, your own life shrinks very small, the child is almost overbearing in that a shrill cry of birth, it occupies most of your time. His time, is your time, your life is so intertwined and overlapping, watching the child grow up one day, what kind of mood? You like to talk with the children a inseparable more than 10 years of love, that in the child finally grow away from home that day, you will also have similar feelings of lovelorn?

I still remember you in my graduation day drop a few drops of silent tears, then I also smiled said not you graduate, but I now think of your mood, can not help but red eyes, and you were just smiled and tolerated my rampant.

Being a mother, from the day of the child's birth, your dream from yourself, into the hope that children have better days, have the ability to pursue a better life, so you have the best, the happiest things, have given us, not too seriously think of themselves. As a mother, you say that watching children grow up healthily is the happiest thing for you.

Dear mother, still a child of me, before I become a mother, I may not understand the complicated mood of raising a child, but I want to know your happiness and sadness, I want to hug your weakness and strong, in you accompany me grow up, I also want to accompany you grow up.

Perhaps the children of me, or so reckless childish me, can only try to experience your mother's happiness and sadness. Maybe I still have a hard time imagining that I will be a mother one day and have the same selfless love for my child as you. (Recommended reading: When a mother does not learn, love is an instinct )

But dear mother, you will always be my role model, I will want to be like you such a good person, and henceforth, I do not want you to sacrifice for us what, because before becoming a mother, you are a complete person.

I want to tell you, you can fall injured, you can occasionally not so strong, you can go after their dreams, you can not only a mother a role, you are yourself. You can think about yourself, not just look after us.

and I think I'm not the only one who loves you so much, because there are more than 500 children in the last month Mommy, I love you. Activities , left a lot of love and thanks to my mother, those we put in mind for a long time, there is a chance to say the export, dear mothers, this is we want to give you the confession letter ....

Love mother, never just Mother's Day slogan, but also the process of practice. Working moms are just as hard as housewives, and we all see it in our eyes. At home there is a working mother of them, such a confession ... (same field Gayon: when one day, mother old ... )

there is a family mummy in the family, they want to be so confessed! (Recommended reading: The voice of new women, the Age of Housewives coming )

Dear mother, Dear mother, write your confession like our love, always say not enough, I hope word are conveyed to you, we are so love you. (More touching message, all in dear Mummy, I love you )

I just want you to know that despite Mother's day, although I am not around you, although I often with you some boring little temper, although I do not often on the tip of the tongue, but I am so deeply in love with you. You always look at me proudly, it's good to have a daughter like you, and maybe I've never told you this, but the thing I really appreciate most is, thank you for giving birth to me. Thank you for letting me be me, how happy I am to be your daughter, you are my pride.

First please accept me this empty hug and confession bar, next time I want to be good, hard, warm hug you! If you can, then let us as a child holding hands to go for a walk! It's a good deal, Yo!