The four-year World Cup football tournament officially in 6/12 in Brazil kicked, you are not also dead to watch the home TV excited shouted don't want to sleep? In addition to the fierce situation on the football field, the players have a strong foot and the top Kungfu, the team's handsome players this time absolutely prepared to come (each is coincidentally ready for the Super Hook People's Mermaid line AH), handsome index not to be! Let a person see really itch unbearable, big call to choose not to come out, is secretly pray the world Foot Congress can stipulate bare upper body to fight ...

First of all, before the start, the German team first very enough to release the super foul HUGO BOSS suit photo ...

Photo Source: Source

It seems that the German team won the Sentinel War, but the country's handsome men are also ready to be outdone, first to review the 2010, the Italian team like male models of the Dolce & Gabbana image ads, they are off! There's only one extra tight, fancy little pants ...

I think the Italian team is really too much to tell others how to mix (and then why not this year ~ ~)

In addition to the game, the handsome competition is of course also the focus, let us for you select five of the world Foot team handsome, dear, who do you want to scream this evening? (The opener has been a little shouted to the hoarse ....) )

01. Power over your Italian: Claudio Margiso Claudio Marchisio

Net worth investigation

Date of birth: 1986/1/19 (28 years old)
Height: 179 cm
Location: Midfield
Nationality: Italy
Playing team: Juventus
National Team back: 8 (We have a nice back number so you can keep an eye on your target in a crowded field)

The mention of handsome men, not from Italy began to be a bit unreasonable, we in the "World Foot Model Team" in the Italian Macho, elected this outstanding charming pants (mistaken)! The 28-year-old Claudio Marchisio is really too handsome, eyes are always misty, empty at the same time also discharge, take off the clothes handsome, wearing clothes more handsome, let people begin to hesitate to see him grilled light or suit nose quite! (Xiao Bian thinks his suit is really perfect)

A picture of the mouse cursor being reluctant to move down

Him, I can forgive not to take off my coat!

Melancholy side face to a sheet of

This handsome to completely can debut directly!

Advertising out of the lens, good want to mix the scene when Joe underwear staff ...

Thanks, we all got your kiss! <3

Click on the next page, let people can't stop Ronaldo!

02. Cute Macho: Cristiano Ronald Cristiano Ronaldo

Net worth investigation

Date of birth: 1985/2/5 (29 years old)
Height: 185cm
Position: Forward
Nationality: Portugal
Team: Spanish Real Madrid
National team back number: 7

Ronaldo is already every year the woman mouth of the hot guy topic! The 29-year-old, 185-centimeter-tall Ronaldo, the lovely appearance of everyone boast, the sun big boy-like smile people want to close, more super strong and symmetrical posture ... It's definitely the first place in the cute macho department! but unfortunately he has died, girlfriend or super Russian supermodel Irina Shayk, but looking at the photos of the nosebleed is not wrong, we can still be a fantasy people do ...

This is a foul smile!

Push It! This body is also foul! But please, referee, don't give me a red card.

With sweat and tears on the pitch, a charming smile

You must not forget this moment! We continue to look forward to this year after the goal of Ronaldo's Jingzhuang stature!

Ronaldo also with his girlfriend on the Spanish version of the cover, this is too hot for Couple's body!

Finally broadcast two Zhang Ronaldo for Emporio Armani shooting underwear ads ...

The Sisters of the House saw that there should be a very good night ...

Open your right click Favorites into the Mystery folder >///<

The same field Gayon: will move the Ronaldo big broadcasting

World King Pelé and Ronaldo appear together, for the United Arab Emirates aerial shooting ads! Fans must watch!

03. Bad love: Neymar Silva Neymar da Silva

Net worth investigation

Date of birth: 1992/2/5 (22 years old)
Height: 175 cm
Position: Forward
Nationality: Brazil
Playing team: Barcelona
National team back number: 10

The Neymar of youth invincible, will definitely be this year the world's full of dazzling Nova. Known as the new generation of gifted players, he can from a superb team of Brazilian players stand out, the field of the heroic is definitely not covered! (Of course we don't forget about his mermaid line and chest muscles). the first Neymar for Brazil scored two goals, 3:1 overwhelming Croatia, this does not cheer can be ~ ~ ~ See him with a bit of the yuppie laugh, is a bad love of youth flesh Ah!

A piece of commentary: Youth Invincible

A mixture of boys and men, the Neymar on the pitch is the focus of all eyes.

Neymar with Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bunchen on the cover of VOGUE's Brazilian edition magazine.

This series of Neymar chaos has a charm, feel just a few more men heroic spirit!

On the cover of GQ magazine, a
man heroic Spirit x bad Boy gas
Brother is absolutely in sight, sister first hid up observation observation

On the next page, wild and straightforward. Argentine male v.s German mature male department

04. Wild straightforward male: Ezequiel Lavezzi

Net worth investigation

Date of birth: 1985/5/3 (29 years old)
Height: 173 cm
Position: Forward
Nationality: Argentina
Effective professional team: Germain
National team back number: 22

Ezequiel Lavezzi may not be handsome to let people temporarily stop breathing (who can be so handsome), but his face and smile is really good, full of the wild jungle sense, the eyes have been the children moved the innocence, whether the blink wink or deep stare, power is absolutely broken watch! Especially when he's on the football field, he often makes wild-animal cries, which make people feel man!.

Good want to rush past pinch his cheek said: so cute ah ~ ~

I think the Ezequiel looks a bit like wolverine! (Posture is more than the fierce Wolverine ...) )

This is a kind of good father's love feeling, with him to raise (born) children will be very happy ... (Ultra Deviation)

The following is the more the clothing crossing the less series ...

This one's a super man!.

I want to study his tattoo on his body.

Eh, wait! Why didn't you pull down a little more?

05. Mature Male Department: Mario Gomez Mario Gomez

Net worth investigation

Date of birth: 1985/7/10 (28 years old)
Height: 1.89 m
Position: Forward
Nationality: Germany
Playing team: Fisher
National team back number: 33

The German department of Mario Gomez is an experienced striker, no matter from which point of view he, all think he is a stable man gas, super charming! Gomez a stand out and who dare to say that they are long legs obadhai! (It seems that no one wants to rob this title) but this year it is a pity that the Mario Gomez injured cannot fight, must let many girls heart shout "How, I want my Gomez Ah ", in addition to secretly praying to him in the heart of everything is fine, looking back at his handsome photos miss his heroic, perhaps also we give him the alternative blessing Hey!

Of course we will not forget to turn out his Hugo Boss suit, is a handsome word

Open Scream Time ~ ~ ~

Every time I see this lovely picture, I feel that night to boil out black rim of the eye is entirely worth it!

Very cute 齁 (as a man in the introduction)

Mario is one of the most handsome men in the house, less exposed than the camera.

"But I do not take off, does not mean my body is not good!" "Immediately jingzhuang strong photos, proof that the suit is very interesting!"

Same field Gayon: Mario Gomez X Martin Kaymer

This is the Hugo Boss ad for Mario Gomez and golf player Martin Kaymer! (Pull to 1:48 seconds and Mario Gomez wet show!) )

How, is not a little pick to dizziness, or as we have shed nosebleed bleeding too much? You are also welcome to leave a message to tell us your idea of the handsome guy slip through the wall, is the so-called handsome inverted newspaper, this year we do not pass ~ ~ (greedy)

Finally for everyone to bring the 2014 World Cup theme song Shakira Shakira Lalala, the Heat of the dance wind and more than the macho big advance, people can expect to stay up all night with the Brazilian Carnival Ah!

Handsome enough to see? We're all done for you, hey.
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