Love cannot be just a lip service, but only concrete actions can be felt by the other side.Six observation targets, let's see if the other side really cares about you!

The ancients said that the big picture was known from an early age.In a relationship, this is also very important.It's just that the mouth says love you, but it doesn't really care about you.Let's take a look at the six small indicators that the experts have compiled, and look at how much he loves you!

Proactive to get you a heavy load

It's not encouraging to help each other get bags, but sometimes it's time to go shopping and buy more things. If you can ask if you want to help with heavy objects, this is also a small manifestation of caring and caring!

Tell you, whatever the situation is, you are beautiful

When everyone is in a mess.Maybe it was just off work. Maybe it was just finishing the exercise, and then you didn't want to see him!However, from his eyes, you will know whether he cares, whether you are a perfect makeup, or whatever, he feels that you are beautiful!

In your mind, take on your commitment

When the other person cares about you, you don't just greedy and share the fun time.He's going to care about your work pressure, your life needs, and you're going to want to take off your arm.In your mind, worry, worry, he wants to share.(Recommended reading: Understand three needs of working women, become firm and gentle companions )

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Willing to listen to you

Your partner will be encouraged to share everything you have with him, including small complaints and heartless.

You want to

"The thought of you" was a general idea, but it was practical in life.When you go shopping, do you think you just need something?If you were here, would you like to be here?When you go to the store, do you remember to buy you a cup of coffee or a little help?All this trivial, trivial matter is the most true happiness.(Recommended reading: The British illustrator captures the moment of love: every day, every moment is you, it is happiness

Warm delivery

This is definitely not a princess disease!We know that people's buses, the MRT, and a kind of scary taxi are always anxious.We can of course be independent and free of action, but if a partner can provide warmth at this time, it is very difficult for everyone to resist such a warm.