Missionary positions, also known as men, are the simplest sexual positions!It is very suitable for the conservative and newly-acquain- known contact period.This posture is extremely easy to learn, and it gives women more physical touch, and is very suitable for partners who have sex with the first time.When both men and women feel a little bit shy, men let women see their faces and faces, making them feel more comfortable and sure of love.

Posture Name: Male Upper - Classic Missionary

to Position: Cutures

The Stipness Degree The (5 %)

G point stimuli: A value of 5

Action challenges: (full of 5)

visual stimuli (full 5

do I:

How do you start?The two legs of the female are slightly opened, the thighs are relaxed, the buttocks rise slightly, and the soft cushion or the thin pillow can be placed on the lower part of the buttocks to increase comfort level, so that the private parts of the men can slide in.

In the process of sex, because men need to push hard with friction, when two people use missionary positions, it is recommended that a more bath towel can be placed in the back of the girl's body, and the hip is connected to the side of the bed, and the discomfort caused by the powerful impact is also less difficult to get dirty.

Girls can add a sense of certainty in the male neck with both hands.After putting aside more of the heart, the girl can take the male waist or the buttocks lightly, so that the private part of the man can enter the female private place more deeply.


The missionary position is one of the best ways in which a woman observes a man's character and habits.The advantage of this gesture is that both men and women can look at each other with their eyes, and they can also see their faces.to see how he treats your body when he is close; he does not use his hands to support the body and gently hair the hair on your face, whether you're going to hurt you if you're hurting you, whether he cares about you in it.

him little

Sweetheart, don't forget it. You can also hold on to the backs and muscles of a man, and at the right time, close the grip and strength, and let him know that you enjoy the taste of paradise. He will be proud to be a child of lollipops, and then try harder for you.

illustrations: cactus