you want to eat meat, you want to eat it.The fish may be a good choice!The soft-tender spicy pickle pot, which makes you eat readily and less burdened!

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Eating seafood to healthy gourmets like me

The cholesterol and calories of fish are lower than red meat, and taste is better than meat. So when I needed protein, I wanted to replace red meat with all kinds of fish, but I thought there was less concern about fish culture than the fish in the fish, because there were antibiotics and unknown fodder.

[Salmon pickle pot]

Material: Salmon meat about 6 or 2, tofu 1 piece, Korean kimchi 1 bowl, shallot 2

flavouring: sea salt discretion

How to:

Salmon meat peeling, removing the bone, cutting (such as the size of the tiles); cutting the tofu cut into four square blocks; scallop and cut short bits.

take a soup pot and pour into the soup, put it in a salmon, put it in salmon meat, and cook it cooked.

Add kimchi to South Korea to boil a little, try the salinity of the soup, add sea salt again, and then boil it in the onion section, then boil it out.

Meet the healthy new taste

The Korean kimchi in this recipe has special aroma and spicy spicy, which makes the taste increase stimulus and is no longer a taste of food.But if you can't cook for too long, the flavor of the bubbles will be released to the soup, and the pickles will not taste a little bit.If you don't want to eat, you can also put it in a fan to cook, and increase your sense of satisfaction.(Recommended reading: delicious cooking recipe: spicy pickled salad salad

The soup is to be cooked in good taste, and the technique is in salmon.The soup must be boiled before it can be put into salmon meat, and the salmon cannot be cut too thin, otherwise it is easy to break.The cooking time cannot be too long, so long as it is burned again, it can be turned off. Therefore, other materials that need to be cooked for a long time must be cooked soft first.I used a high soup instead of water for quick cooking, so the taste of soup is more delicious, rather than beautifying the soup from the flavor of the food.