In life, there is always a time of great stress, and you can collect 10 simple and positive ways to ease pressure, and you can get your happy life back by a small change!

Look at the sky and let you go right away.

People today are busy with a busy day and a busy job, and day after day and day after day.There is a lot of anxiety and worry in life, and sometimes it feels that you have reached the peak of pressure, but you don't know how to solve it.The simplest way is to go to the window or to look outside the sky. The beautiful cloud and the rapidly changing weather have opened up a lot of heart.

Life is so diverse, it has ups and downs, and it doesn't need to keep itself trapped in the bad mood.(Sibling: taro divination: Take a break!You'll find your way to the end of the storm )

Don't click the alarm clock to form the habit of sleeping.

The bell, bell, and ...) is a long morning alarm, but it is not enough to sleep, or even to fall asleep and awake to sleep and awake at night to get five or six minutes of sleep.In the US study, this practice accounts for 38 % of the population.At first glance, it seems that there is a bit more sleep. In fact, this kind of behavior can induce a large increase in the value of the body pressure.

The reason is that the negative effect caused by the continuous interruption of sleep caused by the continuous impact of the alarm clock is like chronic sleep deficiency, and sleep is often interrupted, and it is possible to damage long-term memory.

recommends bed sleep 30 minutes early, rather than relying on the early morning hours of sleepy sleep, the study also points out that this improvement can effectively reduce the pressure of 37 % by Huron.Moreover, over the age of 25 is still going through the night, and the energy it takes is the old and the future of the body.Tonight, don't stay up late on the Internet and take care of your health sooner than you can.

Stop complaining and communicate with your friends

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Friends always talk about a variety of topics, complaining about one of them.But to be honest, this is very expensive. Recall your past experience to prove it.The U.S. study says that people who are always happy to share positive information and think about optimism have a far greater impact on your health than you think, and 96 percent of people show that within 30 minutes, the pressure is reduced.It's just a little bit of pressure. Go to your friends and chat, laugh and laugh!The sense of humor is definitely the best in life.

Invollability is not just a delivery of emotions

Research from the University of North Carolina says that when a partner has two minutes to pull together, the hormone oxytocin can stimulate the secretion of the brain to reduce stress, not only to help stabilize nerves, but also to reduce the benefits of high blood pressure.This is because oxytocin can be used to reduce the brain's ability to manage emotions and hyperactive almonds that have a strong relationship with fear, anxiety, and anxiety.

If you are single and untraceable?Give me a big hug for your pets.The effect will be the same for two minutes.(Recommended reading: Embrace Wall )

Do it, bring joy and sense of achievement

In many cases, the pressure comes from the inability to grasp the situation, which is indeed very anxious.The desire to control things is also rooted in the instincts of people who like the sense of achievement. From life, they find opportunities to create a sense of achievement to help themselves free themselves from various kinds of stress disturbances.A lot of girls like to make sweaters, dessert, and so on. It's a very practical method, which effectively reduces the stress hormone secretion that leads to depression, and instead, it increases the dopaminergic receptor that you feel in love.

Find out in the kitchen at the end of the week to make dessert with the recipes, and play a leis-free companion to music and enjoy this happy moment.(Recommended reading: [Woman's Happy Cooking] with an AE-filled Tiramisu )

Do some housework to enjoy the present

Learn to enjoy your life in the present moment, not worrying about past, present, or future, and let your mind stay.But we have always been run by a bunch of waiting lists, or we don't know how to do it, so that the mind can calm down.{\fnCronos \fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000 {\fnCronos \fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000 {\fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000 {\fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000 {\fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000:

You don't need an entire space cleanup, and that leads to another kind of pressure, starting with the project.Swipe out the windows, sweep the toilets, pour flowers, take care of potted plants, and organize your desk-book shelves, throw away your extra documents, and let your mind focus on this every move, and embrace the point of life.(Sibling: Cleaning up!The office also needs to be replaced )

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Appreciating a photo with stories and memories

Look, are there any photos of your closest friends or relatives on your desk or on hand?A photo of a partner's sweet photo, a meeting with a group of three or five friends, or a student era, to record youthful and bravely great images?Look at the good times of the past, isn't it giving you the incentive to go straight ahead?

Because you are not alone, you have a lot of people to support, right?Like youth and dauntless, accept the test of life!It was also a very addictive place to bring the picture to the room.(sibling: girls and her rooms )

Write about the people you love, things, things

In the face of pressure, shifting attention has always been one of the ways, "write down" to play a role.The process of writing and writing is heavily used in many areas of the cerebral cortex, such as frontal lobes, top leaves, and so on, and in the process, let you increase your focus.

Or is it tied up by depressed pressure?And try to write five things that you love every day, write down the five things that you want to thank, and you go through this process and enjoy your attention, and when you're constantly expressing thanks to what you see, it's going to make your happiness come up.

la, la, la, la, la,

Maintaining the same posture will cause the muscles to be too tense, not only allowing the body metabolism to function properly, but also causing you to accumulate more fatigue and pressure. Do you have such experience as well?The next class is just like a ball of a broken ball, and it's not even a deep feeling of exhaustion, even if it's not even sleepy.

When you normally open your office, you can stand up and move, take a walk, take five to ten minutes of rest, stretch the upper limbs, waist, and so on. On the right, you move on the right, turn on the left, and take a deep breath, and then you can get your cool breaths.Sometimes the pressure may not be an external factor. In fact, your body is issuing a warning!How you treat your body, it's going to respond to you.(Recommended reading: Eliminated shoulder-necked fatigue movements )

Get out of the way

Another way to alleviate the stress of life is to do something good.Do you have this kind of experience to help others by helping others out in return, and can you always make yourself feel better, satisfied and happy?Scientists have conducted experiments to compare hormones in the brain of "volunteer" and "win money". The results show that in the brain, the hormone oxytocin is secreted in the brain, which is much higher than the winner of the money.

Maybe winning is only a moment of excitement, but it's not sustainable, so if you want to be more happy, stop yourself, bewildered in the swirl of stress, go out and help more people, and get the value of their existence.