Sex toys not only enjoyable, but also the perfect sex experience for both of them.

A lot of people use things that are strange to people, and what they need to use is something that they don't need to use. In fact, the reason why the Sex toys is called a toy is not without reason.Because those little guys are the ones who can help you with a lot of fun and fun.

But many men resist the use of sex and may be concerned that their performance will be ignored, but sex experts also point out that there are more selfish reasons behind this, and that many men feel that they serve only women, and that they are afraid that they will not be able to do their best.(Recommended reading: Eggs, Aircraft Cup, Smart Ball!What do you know about it, baby )

A couple in Canada, in order to overcome this obstacle, develop a video game machine that men and women can enjoy together.Not only 100 % of the medical certificates are safe, but also a small number of small toys that can be enjoyed by men and women (and also Lelo's TOR and BO ), as a major recommendation list of American sex experts!

Source | Canada We-VibeII Dimension By Forest.GG dot vibrator latest generation


Whether you use it yourself, or both, it's very enjoin.Waterproof and innocuous design, multi-section change and the feeling of people, the company, which has only one product, is an indispensable role in the quality of its interests.

The design of the C-style pants is designed to simultaneously stimulate the G and the clitoris.The nine-segment variable frequency vibration changes from the light to the strong tremor to satisfy the female people required at every different stage.Slip gently into your body, C to take care of the private front of the woman.If you want one person to enjoy, you can open the switch directly at Big C.(Recommended reading: 'Hybrid orgasm' brings a new sense of pleasure )

If you want two people to enjoy it together, encourage your men to enter it together, not to worry about the overcrowded space and a little lubricating fluid, you two will be surprised to discover that love can be performed.Those shocks, those austerity, are like echoing the two people's need for each other.

WE-VIBE also has a good battery endurability, at least two hours of gaming time, so you can love it.

A reminder: When you use WE-VIBE, you can still use condoms, so women don't forget to tell each other about this!