Choose to use contraceptives to protect, not only we are born for women's reproductive and sexual freedom, but also pay attention to the birth of every life.

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Do you have any experience in taking birth control pills ? Did you know that the United States Supreme Court has just passed a resolution on the unfairness of female contraception? Take a look at the "Why we need the Pill" question by album producer Lena Dunham! They say we need birth control pills, because this little pill is about the possibilities for women to embrace their own sexual and reproductive freedom. (Recommended reading: you may not know!) Super hot Sex Teaching book )

Honey, have you taken contraceptive measures? Many people have different ideas about whether to take contraceptive measures, such as condoms, contraceptive patches, and prior contraceptives.

Recently, the United States because of the high law ruling resolution, allowing businesses for religious reasons, refused to cover the health insurance coverage of female employees contraception , and caused a backlash. Many people believe that the courts should not choose to please the former and ignore the rights of women workers, between the owner's religious freedom and the woman's choice for her body . Because "the court should consider the religious beliefs of the female employees rather than the bosses." "

In response to the resolution, Sonia Sotomayor, a dissenting judge, said: "It is important for women's health and reproductive freedom to require health insurance coverage, which is tantamount to inviting business organizations to meet the law of not believing and to ask for religious immunity." (Note: According to the U.S. "reasonable Medical Expenses Act", employers need to provide health insurance to employees, insurance coverage includes contraception.) )

The boss is good at business, so leave my boudoir.
"Bosses keep your business in the board room not we bedrooms."

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And last week, Lena Dunham, the producer of HBO, hailed as the young sex-city Theme album, Girls, decided to ask a simple but thought-provoking question on Twitter:"Why do we need the advance pill?" "(Recommended reading: Professional Pharmacists tell you!) How many contraceptive methods are there? )

Yes, why do women need prior birth control pills? A lot of controversy, but we should be the most concerned about the voice of the user. Whatever your opinion, I'd like to invite you to listen to women talk about why they use the pill and listen to their needs.

Lena Dunham himself to answer first: "I need the advance pill!" Because I have endometriosis, taking birth control pills can relieve pain. What about you guys? Why do you need the advance pill? 」

Casey Rae said: "I use the advance pill, because my body and mind, the economy, the heart is not ready to become a mother." "Because of pregnancy, is a need for good preparation." (Listen to what he says: first Pregnancy, I choose to face my own struggle )

Maria Yagoda said: "I use the advance pill, because I have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), the advance pill allows me to have regular menstruation." 」

Note: The Hou of polycystic ovary syndrome polycystic ovary disease. Under normal conditions, the ovaries secrete estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, but patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome secrete too many male bases, leading to hormonal disorders. According to statistics, one out of every 10 women suffers from PCOS, and the use of contraceptives increases the amount of female hormones in the body and makes the menstrual cycle more normal.

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Brattybeeee said: "I use the advance pill, because women also have the right to enjoy sex like men, without fear of unintended pregnancy outcomes." "The birth of the birth control pill celebrates a woman's own sex!"

Romina Linnell, the mother, said: "I need the birth control pill, because this is the decision I made on my own after I gave birth to two of my dearest children." 」

Michael said: "I'm a man, but I also have to fight for my sister's right to advance the pill." 」

Many people will say that the birth control pill has killed too many lives, but we feel that the birth control pill is to save too many parents who are not ready to meet the newborn, and the new life that should have fallen in anticipation. Birth control is not only the birth and sexual freedom of women, but also the birth of every life.

In Taiwan, contraceptives are not as popular as the West, insurance does not cover the scope of contraception, for oral contraceptives, we also have some doubts in mind. In recent years, there has been a great deal of pressure on teenage pregnancies in adolescent girls. We found this short video clip from the Taiwan Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and faced many people's questions, "is the pill good to eat every day?" Should you stop the drug after six months? "Listen to what the doctor says.

Chen Yu: "Oral contraceptives will be very quickly metabolized by the body, so you need to take every day, and not as common people imagine, will accumulate in the body." What's more, the benefits of oral contraceptives are that they can only be seen for a long time. If taken for six months, the fear of stopping the drug will cause the body to stabilize the hormones again fluctuations. "(Learn more: Eight things you have to know about birth control pills , 12 myths about pregnancy and contraception )

No matter which contraceptive method you choose, we believe that it is the right way for you to fit your body and not to bring a burden to your body. We also hope that in their own hearts ready to be parents before the use of contraceptives, can give themselves, but also to the unborn child another choice. (same field Gayon: Professional pharmacist, answer your questions about "beforehand birth control pill" )

Do you also take advance pill? Leave a message at the bottom and talk to us about the reason why you need the advance pill!