Dear, to you five a way to maintain a long-distance relationship, as long as you think of heart still together, these distance brings the bitterness and sorrow can endure.

How far is it from a distance?

for long-distance lovers, the other half is not around, it feels so far away. Far from knowing how to measure the so-called distance objectively, far to the countdown of days in the years yellowing, far from the girl we have become women. distant lovers like is confiscated Tanabata Bridge cowherd and Weaver, no bridge, good risk there are other ways to cross the physical distance, let the heart closer, also let each other think, hey, in fact, as long as the two Hearts still together, it is not too far.

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In any case, still want to celebrate the festival, because this day is justly, belong to your day.

Here are five everyday good ways to recommend a long-distance lover. Give too many times good hard, there are too many times to cry "Dear you why not in my side", there are too many times want to give up, but once you see each other, or feel like to go down with each other you. (Recommended reading: How to maintain a long distance?) 10 things that you know after a long distance relationship .

A romantic dinner over the sea.

Hey, who says it's not a long distance to date?

Remember when you most like to go to the restaurant hidden in the alley, every time to do not dare to clock out, fear more people are no longer the secret of the two human. A little bit more attentively, actually before, also can be now AH.

Let's go to that favorite restaurant! Just to ask the familiar master to stay on the position of two people, put on a new dress, painting exquisite makeup, invited him to the other end of the phone together handsome attendance. "This food is still as good as delicious, but the master seems to be a little fat yo" at both ends of the phone you look at each other, laugh up, feel that saw the past, now and the future.

Or, he used to laugh at you most often joke your meal is not cooked, married home How to do, the child will not hungry ah?

Then ask him to make a wish menu. "You can speak out, sister can do it!" "What does not, is have want to cook for the beloved person domineering and tenderness." Thinking of another person, do not know why the dish seems to be all sweet. Hey, the day of Tanabata on time, see not scattered! (Recommended reading: long distance, for the other half to cook the Happiness menu )

Looking back at old photos of file files

When your hairstyle is still very dwarfish smile is so bright, strange at that time I was obviously angry with you, but still secretly aiming at you ...

Tanabata this day, about him together to review the old photos of two people, together with a little bit of dwarfish dwarfish smile, note this is also who forgot to see the lens. Upload photos one by one, only to find out that you have been together hand through a lot of "that year", went to a lot of strange places, together with so much noise afterwards think of a sweet rack.

Pass by so many people, around the good friends come and go, but fortunately are still the same, holding your hand of him. (Recommended reading: because love, is to have the courage to hurt )

No interruptions! Save a period of time for each other

Although I haven't really lived together yet, I secretly decided I wanted to live with you.

Maybe you still have a real time difference between you, he fell asleep when you are just bright, you eat lunch he has not got up, come to try the same moment to do the same thing! Change the jet lag to create a unique time and space for lovers. This time, temporarily forbid to disturb yo.

Choose a movie you've always wanted to see but never had time to watch, spend a little bit of a home but comfortable movie night; Open the video to see each other's sleeping face, obviously still do not want to sleep, but his smiling eyes have always let you feel at ease; or we all do things, always sometimes busy each, but you know he has been on the screen that side. (Recommend this movie: another form of long-distance cloud lover )

Looking at the other end of the screen, you will suddenly feel in such a changeable era, there is such a person can make you stable miss, even if far away, are a gift to thank.

Send each other a song you sing (it doesn't matter if you're stupid)

When you fall in love, which people are not silly. Some can't say, want to sing to you like this.

On-demand Karen Mok "actually I always want to say to you," is the most gentle and true confession. (same field Gayon: man Confession: For you, want to be a better person )

On-demand Castle peak Dema そばにいるね stay by my side, is to imply that you quickly come back to me!

On-demand Zhang hang left to accompany your life, because you, is a part of my life, not around, but in my heart.

Tanabata, an old wife also need to vindicate

Dear You,

I've always felt that love, how can not get tired of together? If you're not with me, who should I say to you first? If you are not around, we do not live together, will gradually forget what it feels like? about the distance, there will always be a lot of worry, but you are not around me these years, I grew up a lot.

You are not around, but I know more about where you are in my heart. The original love, has always been stronger than the distance. The longer it is, the more it becomes clear that true romance is not a bouquet of flowers, or a few romantic trips, but even if we are not around each other, we imagine two people living together.

Thank you for your being with me and growing up with me these years.

PostScript: Long distance is still very troublesome ah, so you have to hurry back quickly.

Tanabata, deep and shallow gentleness, condensed in a letter or a secret online diary belonging to you.

Or to send a secret gift, and then bring a little fart said, "Although you know I am your best gift, but when I am away, let a small gift to represent my mind." "(secretly recommended to men, small red box and Yue own box will be very pleasing to the ladies of the gift!" )

Long distance lovers past tanabata, in fact, is also very sweet.

Because when you deeply love a person, another person also deeply love you, even if the distance, seems to be a few one out of 10,000 lucky. distance, learn a person's life, two people fall in love. But again hard, all but, in the mind to determine a person loves you that kind of sweet feeling.

Long-distance lovers, unrequited love people, just lovelorn people, passionate people, each kind of relationship has a special sad and particularly sweet part of it? But in any case, all belong to our tanabata. (also recommended: eight singles on Valentine's Day happiness proposal )

Boys and girls, men and women in the sky, Happy Tanabata:)