Are you always tired of haircuts?Every time I show up with a lot of Magnesium, Hollywood stars are going to show you all kinds of simple, good-looking hair haircuts!

Elegant wind side tie series

First is the new Hollywood star Blake Lively, who plays the role of Gossip Girls in the film. She says that she has a temperamentine star and a hairdresher, and a hairdresher, and a hairdresher hair, and then another hair style of hair and hair.

Turning to the new breed of Hollywood actress, this one cannot be overlooked, and is known as Ashley Tisdale, known as "The Top Life of Disney Pictures", known as "The Song of the Movie" and "The Top Life of the Movie", which is known as the "Vaudeo" series.First tie the back hair to the side, and then tie the hair to a bundle in a centipede braid, and then naturally fall on both sides of the face, with vitality and feminine flavor.

Then this Hollywood actress Diane Kruger, also known as Diane Kruger, uses a side binding method on the upper part of the neck, with hair above the neck as the main body, the lower part of the neck is the braided tail, and the tail is tied up with the veer ring, which is suitable for women with less hair.

How should someone with a long hair grow up to do it?Noicole Kidman, a global superstar, has made a whole bundle of hair on the side of the hair. The hair looks simple, but it needs to be made out of hair, long hair, long hair, and so on!But if the hair doesn't have long hair or a very high level of people want to have this hairstyle, you can choose to use a freely-removable "wig braid" to do it.

The fifth type of side-binding hairstyle is more complex and can be said to be a combination of more than one of the binding methods!Singer Alicia Keys has three parts, the first one being the black wind on the left side of the head, followed by the hair and the right side of the comb, and the hair on the right side with hair tied to the centipede braid.It's a different kind of hair that is full of personality and rock, but it doesn't miss a woman's flavor.