Let a woman take you with you. Enjoy the international art Village, many excellent artists at home and abroad present the life art creation, to the art of baptism bar.

Art must be very far away? Can you live with art? Located in the Treasure Rock international Art Village, I would like to invite you to have a glimpse of the artist's creative process, to narrow the distance with the arts.

The international art Village, in fact, is like a small city, inviting different artists from home and abroad to apply for the village, combining studios, exhibitions, lectures and so on, together to create a unique art city-like, but also let art naturally exist in life. Every year, only in the summer Open studio 8/16 and 8/17 These two days (quick note up), the international art Village will open the studio of the art village and the artist in the village, so that we can see the scene of the artist's creation and feel the infinite possibility of artistic creation from the artist's close range.

We often feel that art seems very distant, but watching the artist waving pen and ink creation, or pick up some strange little things to fight, you will find art is actually hidden in life.

This time, the artists open their doors and welcome you, let the people have a glimpse of the spark of artistic creation, and women fans in cooperation with the international art Village invited you to plan the most womany art routes: 1 routes, 5 locations, 4 female artists, together to see how women artists with a strong power to create, Let art accompany you through a good afternoon. (Recommended reading: Taiwan's heavyweight female artist: Angela Chen)

▲ the place of the circle is this woman fan line, is not very look forward to meeting what surprises Ah!

In many people are rare, many people are still busy August, hope that the special planning of the art route, in the busy life, give you sweet happiness. Top 50 surprise little gifts for women fans! Take a trip to the Treasure Rock international Art Village at the weekend, women fans look forward to meeting you:

The first stop: The art of seeing the future of the past Wang Yu 嫃

Wang Yu 媜, who was born in Taichung and returned to Taiwan after living in London for 10 years, has deep feelings for Taiwan .

The creation of Wang Yu 媜 from a historical point of view, through the past people's vision of the future, to explore the post-industrial society of the relationship between people and machinery, as well as hand-made machines, plants and buildings and other organic individuals to talk to each other. "The Future" is the first time that Wang Yu 媜 has been in Taiwan since he lived in the UK for 14 years. "Past" includes not only the transformation of time and space, the witness of history, the exploration of relics, but also the formation of personal cultural background, memory and even ideology.

Second stop: The Magnificent Adventures of architectural space Liu Yunyi

Artist Liu Yunyi: "I photographed the city in the decadent, uninhabited buildings, and try to put these abandoned space and human feelings and memories as a link to control the inner space." 」

Through the process of image creation, space produces the transformation of value. To reopen the possibility of these deserted spaces and cities and historical dialogues, to find another meaning in the desolation of their decay.

The third stop: Afternoon tea Time: Ruby's Dessert Party

Have you ever heard of dessert clay? Although can not eat, but also bring to heart a lot of sweet!

Sweet clay works of exquisite beauty both simulation degree, due to the characteristics of the work, planning a view malleable strong space applications, look forward to this piece of clay can become a treasure rock in a fascinating scenery.

The scene also has the lovely hand to do the activity: the incarnation round Aberdeen! Come on, make a bottle of round Sundae Cup.

The fourth stop: intimate interaction with nature Zhu Shu Wan

Zhu Shu: "My creation is to explore the relationship and possibilities between oneself and the environment and materials (metal and all kinds of media), through the feeling, into the personal style of visual language." Studio to create metalworking and jewelry, the promotion of teaching and exhibition-oriented. Hope to create a modern metalworking and jewelry exchange stronghold, so that people understand the diversity of contemporary metalworking. And through the combination of technology and emotion, creating a possible link between the human and the environment, so as to learn and embody the spirit of symbiosis. "(same field Gayon: metalworking jewelry DIY, Light Chung Yuen Metalworking Art Museum )

In the summer Open studio, Zhu Shu Wan also want to invite everyone through folding, shearing, knocking, annealing, dyeing and other metalworking techniques, to create their own unique plant jewelry. (So cool!) )

The fifth stop: the space of dialogue with oneself loft youth club

Youth club activities, let us sell a little bit, that day will have "bong tea" activities, as for details, let us look forward to the day's surprise!

The same field Gayon: Treasures Rock Wonderful activity

14:30-17:00 Artist Symposium @52&54 Lecture Space

16:00-19:00 Fun Picnic Mat cart spell @ oz

16:30-17:00 Shimeiwa Theatre: A cup of wine on the lawn @ Green field

17:00-18:00 Chamber music: Midsummer Lawn concert @ oz

After experiencing artistic creation, let's lie down on the grass and feel full of ourselves: Are you still thinking about where you're going this weekend? Let's go to the Summer Open Studio .