There is an internship experience, is your every tomorrow, are stronger than today. See how women are obsessed with how to reflect on the baby, how to learn, how to grow at high speed.

I sleep almost every day after three o'clock in the morning, why can't I finish what I expected? This week began to think about this thing, every day I hope that the time to lengthen a little bit, until this Friday, I suddenly found myself very tight, so I decided to do a little reflection. About adapting to the pace of women's life, I think I have adapted, but how to adjust the rhythm for me, this is the next thing to do. (If you and I have the same trouble: not enough time?) Look at the tips of 12 entrepreneurs to improve their productivity

Don't give up the life you want to have

I believe that a lot of tasks are like this, you actually do not have weekend 2nd, the holiday when the company is actually only a relatively quiet way around you. The time we want to get to the company is one to four on weekdays, usually 56 days is the time of the interns ' carnival. I once asked an illusion she was in the internship is not also encountered such a situation, weekdays to work, holiday to get a job, work back to continue to write articles, the weekend time to keep the progress running, often feel that the weekend is just a kind of the activities in the office moved home.

A phantom said, she was in the internship is also a tutor, busy feeling is certain, but do not give up the original you have, or you want to live. (recommend you see: is this the life you want?) Finn's secret to work on time

"Don't give up the life you want to have", it sounds so moving! But how to practice, I began to imagine the "life I look forward to."

I'm in a woman's life.

To be honest, I am happy every day in a woman's life, but I think a better adjective is actually "brisk". Of course it's frustrating to do something that's not good enough, but it comes from a kind of " It must be strange to say that you are feeling full and happy when writing an article. Why obviously is in the work still can so enjoy, I think everyone if can encounter such a job is very lucky, this job satisfies you not necessarily is salary, but every day you can go to practice oneself love of thing, I am glad I have not too many social pressure Force in the case to come here, these things if not to a woman fan internship I will certainly not as its practice, and can not stare at their own daily writing articles. So in the female fan office routine, in fact, in the "I look forward to life," good, then this piece will be good to keep! (You will like:"Women are obsessed with internship weekly diary" Thank you for the hospitality, I am full of learning! First week of Binghuangmaluan )

Next page look at the life you want to have

The life I used to have

Think again, what is the life that I had originally? Before entering a woman fan, I am a life of the mediocre college students, as usual life is class, work, film, and occasionally with old friends gather, see a movie, eat good material, then there is no bad, but it is also can be better (so I came to participate in the blood of Blood), The original life in a kind of vacation time more clear outline exists, but at that time every day I often feel the heart of a piece of empty, I think a lot of people will be like this: I have a very good, a stable salary, punctual commute clock, evening to accompany family meals, weekends can also and Valentine two days a night, so perfect, Why does the heart still have a sense of loss?

If we all had this idea, then realize the little dream that you want to be complete, maybe you just need a trip to Central Asia, maybe you just need to find a more enjoyable job, if you can imagine yourself to be happier, why not do it? (Courage to take the first step: change, let happiness reappear )

What is the life I want?

My dream life is to complete my own while I can balance my leisure time. Now I'm slowly getting closer, there are many changes to be made, such as how to manage my time well, because too greedy to do more things, how to be efficient, or whether to start to think can not lose their favorite baggage in the case, to complete their work. I will not because too busy and lost contact with friends, will not sleep because the body began to light red light, will not stop because of a long time the mind becomes unhealthy? (I recommend you: are you tired?) The law of balance between work and life )

I believe there is a way to help me better, for example, this week I met with three friends and broke the record of my obsession with women. Work very well, but I still must have their own time, can not think so hard, a belong to me and friends of pure space, and friends sit down to talk about the recent life, drink a cup of raw beer, a series of barbecue, which is also a help their metabolic process. For their long-term career development, I decided to make a point with their own commitment to remind themselves that I have to work hard to go forward, does not mean to lose my original favorite life. (We all know: the heart of life, is a habit )

and their commitment to

1. One movie a week, don't lose your intimate relationship with the movie.
2. Weekly a friend, go to your old place to talk about thirst.
3. Once a month home, don't let oneself have the opportunity of homesickness, mother always waiting for you to come back to exhibition cooking.
4. Smile every day, look at yourself in the mirror when you take a bath everyday, and you should encourage the one in the mirror today.

I hope that our commitment will accompany the way I want to go, long and long.

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