Childhood always naïve to say grow up dream, but really grow up and never say what dream is, is we lose courage?

When we were young, we might have fantasized about becoming a singer, being an astronaut, meeting a very fond person, and having two children to raise three dogs after marriage. Have you ever written down your dreams or recorded your dreams? In kindergarten, the teacher wants us to draw "My family", the national small composition class will write "My voluntary", but from high school, it is not very people who care about your dream is what, because you have to test, study, through the volunteer and score tell them your dream.

Now, do you still have the courage to write down your dreams?

When you really start to think, there are a lot of thoughts in the brain: "But this is what I do now," "It is impossible that I am the age", "want a lot of don't know how to decide." The face of the illusion of innocence, does not necessarily follow the growth of the passing away, those in our minds appear "impossible" to prevent us from thinking more, to achieve more. when I was young, I said that dream is such a simple thing, now speak the dream, but need courage. (same field Gayon:When you are 30 years old, do you dare to face your 20-year-old dream?) )

A short Love STORY in STOP MOTION from Carlos Lascano on Vimeo .

the little girl drew her dream, and as she was doodling she looked shyly at the little boy beside her, and her dream began with a house. She imagined to be in love with the boy when she grew up. They in the sunset dyed red youth kiss, they in the beautiful scenery into the home of two people, they took the first family portrait, together through the life of all kinds, and finally, the little girl imagined that they are both old, children may also grow up not around, But when they picked up the picture that the girl had painted, two people laughed. (I want to go with you for a lifetime )

If we do not traverse the world, we do not know what is our spiritual and emotional sustenance, but once we walk through the world, but found that we can no longer go back to that beautiful place. When we begin to seek, we have lost, and we do not begin to seek, we simply do not know that everything around us is so valuable.

What do you want? When the white hair, come to an end, you will not regret that no one with you go to the end? Would you be afraid to leave the world alone? Won't you, what you want to do is not done at all. (I am afraid too late: before the end I want to say to you ...)

Perhaps the dream is a little ridiculous, the dream is not necessarily to change the world, to become a great person. In fact, we really want very little, maybe your dream is to keep a dog, there is a person can embrace you with the most real temperature, do not have to go home every day without tired to sleep, do not need to pay for the salary of their own overtime, cook a good dish and loved ones to share, and handkerchief to travel to see more attractive scenery, Finally, when you breathe in the world's last breath, someone holding your hand, with a firm eye that he loves you. (recommend you see: Are you really happy?) Busy meaning )

Those dreams are just the things we want to be happier. Imagination is actually very simple, today to do daydreaming! As long as you believe, believe will really exist. (August 24 Three o'clock in the afternoon, come to the South Prudential products and we talk about dreams )

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