A collection of the following 22 good songs, want to be in your heart when you feel down with you also tell you, we are here to accompany you yo!

A bit annoying, a little stuffy, a little stranger not near, a bit do not want to talk? Honey, don't worry, we know.

One months there will be a few days, emotions somehow suddenly fell to the bottom, as if everything is not right. You are angry with yourself, you do not work hard, you do not have the strength to quickly get better. Perhaps this is not the time we need to breathe out, but a song that can warm us.

In fact, we do not have to force ourselves to get better, but to learn to embrace sadness, to feel the most delicate emotions, to tell ourselves, hey at least I'm still there.

We have referred to Spotify's research and analysis, a collection of the following 22 songs, want to be in your heart when you are depressed and tell you, we are here! (Recommended reading: How long has not smiled?) 10 small exercises that make you more comfortable

"Womany mood on Demand Station"

Reggae Godfather Bob Marley and The Wailers Orchestra, take you easy to sway, sing to you, Everything gonna be alright! Ann, no surprises!

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Don't worry, every little thing will be fine!
Don ' t worry about a thing,
' Cause every little thing gonna is all right.

John Mayer sent you the Heart of life to talk about the nature of what it is. (Recommended reading: hard Life, is a habit )

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Pain will slam you on the ground, and love makes everything different. Pain still, but the essence of life is still beautiful.
Pain throws you heart to the ground,
Love turns the whole thing around,
No, it won ' t all go the way, it should,
But I know the heart is good.

Coldplay said: "Hey, don't be afraid, there must be someone in this world who can make you lean." 」

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There ' s nothing here to run from,
Cause, yeah, everybody here ' s got somebody to lean on.

From Iceland, Sigur Ros has a soft voice, ethereal but powerful, and all alright gently soothe all your pain and discomfort.

You are sing into the night now,
Just sing on For me,
You are sing into the night

Dear, 22 Songs let you pack away, want to use these songs to give you an empty warm hug. Anxious, uneasy, anxious, frustrated, are our mood, don't be afraid, have us accompany you! (same field Gayon: Three simple happiness tips: Do your own Sunshine )