Gethenssang, a man who lets Taiwanese rap walk into another wave of heights and bring hip-hop into women's world.

Break him! Break him! In the 2013 Golden Melody Awards, you probably don't know who she is, she won the best rookie award, so she was attracted by her unique rap, "break him" voice has been in the mind, she is the 24th annual Golden Melody Award for the best New, is the rap session of Teresa Teng, is Taiwan's first hip-hop female singer, Gethenssang.

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"Taiwan has no girls to rap about, I think I can drive this way"

Hip hop culture from the United States 1970 years, is a marginal subculture between young people, and then developed into a new form of art, and swept the world. Hip hop includes four key elements of rap, DJ, floor break dance and graffiti. When it comes to hip-hop music, we can immediately think of Jay Z, Eminem or hip-hop godmother Honey Sielite, if it is Taiwan, you will think of MC hot dog, Egg fort, big, but 2012 ago in Taiwan, you want to what female hip-hop singer? (Extended reading: jumping out of Taiwanese-style rap happy )

In the 2012, hip-hop culture not only has no end, we also have a Gethenssang. Gethenssang, who was born in New York, was fond of hip-hop since high school, but because his father wanted her to go to a doctor or a lawyer, she worked hard to keep up with her father's ideas. 2010 A short time back to Taiwan just want to learn Chinese, the Chinese teacher recommended her to participate in the advertising song contest, she put the creation on the Internet, the accident by Taiwan's independent music Factory brand "Yan Society" phase, in Yan Society boss Deraa and brother Egg Fort under the tutelage, 2012 release personal debut album "Knock Out GE fart", But after the release, she went back to New York to study at the Business School Institute. Later, in New York to learn that his album did not have a big publicity on the good results, at that moment, she was determined to suspend the return to Taiwan to realize the music dream.

(Yan Society boss and Brother Egg Fort, Source:MISS ko fan page )

"It was worth the effort to see my father supporting me," he said. 」

It's not easy to communicate with your parents in pursuit of your dreams. Because GE is a relatively serious person, so once also feel that everything must be how to, the future how to be successful, but the more grow up feel that in fact everything is different face, life is very fun and interesting, so she looks at the point of view of things will be relatively different, more nonsense, MISS KO I want to make music and rap with her relaxed angle and serious attitude. (Life is full of fun: Smile to the world, the world will smile to you )

(Source: MISS KO fan page)

Although the father did not know the circumstances of the decision to suspend school, she still very much hope that dad know that she has a very happy. This March, MISS KO won the 2014 Overseas Outstanding Youth Award, GE Dad happy for the daughter of the prize, in the speech, also revealed the beginning to support the daughter's music career heart.

We have always believed that the way to stick to their favorite road, like MISS KO, believe that their choice, to find their own success, in addition to their own, your relatives and friends will be happy because of you.

Next, together with MISS KO to change society with rap

Every little thing is happy, every breath is grateful

If you think that singing hip-hop singers are very weary, then you may be wrong, rap is not necessarily a negative critique, we can hear from MISS KO's song of a more powerful hip-hop attitude, we can be very cool to enjoy life. In addition to the music to bring MISS KO Energy, more positive force, is given to her mother GE.

MISS KO has had a major car accident, she did jaw reconstruction surgery, the next few months, the mouth can not move, the heart suffered a great blow. Her mother told her: "If there is a significant occurrence in your body, you will be very good luck," she gave her optimistic attitude, let her gradually return to the cheerful MISS KO.

"It may be the worst experience in my life," she said. But after that I am more grateful for what I have, not my current rap career, but simply can be a good breath is a kind of happiness, we are often too easy to take ownership as a matter of course, but we should be more of every little things in mind, are grateful. "(You'll like: write down three pieces a day and be thankful that you'll be happier )


This may be why we see MISS KO no matter in front of the screen behind the scenes, is full of vigor and happy appearance, we see every moment of her is happy satisfied.

With the creation of rap, to give the community more good power

Gethenssang, in an interview with MTV, said that while being a public figure in Taiwan would be under pressure to be magnified, he was happy, with many fans telling him that they had suicidal thoughts, but after listening to Miss Ko's song, he felt hope. "I think this is the best place to be a singer, to be a public figure, to be able to make others better and correct," she said. 」

MISS KO also often on his fan page to share their views on the daily life of small things, there are many times there will be some inspirational words, not only with creative inspiration more people.

She also said in a visit that she wanted to break the stereotype that hip-hop was just a curse or a curse. Her rap doesn't talk about money or drugs, she wants to talk about funny things, she wants to sing the mood of everyday life, or to present her thoughts, she especially mentions the song "Breaking his Knock out", She wanted to break the stereotype of women, and now it's not the time for the woman to be at home doing the laundry and cooking.

We believe that women can be different, women can do a lot of things, we feel that Gethenssang is to practice the best example of such value, girls can also be loud rap, happy life. (Recommended reading: How can a woman live differently?) Let them tell you )

Gethenssang MISS KO has always been a very relaxed and happy feeling, at the 25th session of the Golden Melody Award, we saw her use her forthright to make the hot spot. She uses the relaxed hiphop rhythm, happy rap voice to tell everybody, the life is not what is absolute, everybody happy together slide,hey hey just slide, slips out belongs to own road, goes to you to want, fills the joyful place.

Everybody happy to hear MISS KO, together slide!

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