When the world is too much, we want to slow down with you. Pamper yourself, start by understanding your skin.

September, the hot summer gradually exits, is about to meet with a bit of coolness of the autumn, the evolution of time, let a person's heart a little tired feeling. "So tired," your body said.

Dear, we understood this kind of mood, sometimes do not want to do, just want to have a good and oneself say a little inner words. So September, we would like to make an appointment for you two time, to hold two salon, invite you to come up and meet yourself, when the world is too much, we want to slow down with you. (Next salon:9/27 listen to your inner voice )

In September, the first salon ended in the afternoon of Saturday (9/13), and in the relaxing comfort of the Prana Yoga, we shayla with IBUKI, a senior beauty lecturer at Shiseido Shitong, and a woman-obsessed soul-healing writer, Spent the afternoon together to regain the new life of the soul and skin.

Seriously tell you! Understand the way of your skin

Pamper yourself, start by understanding your skin.

Shiseido IBUKI lecturer Shayla dressed in white, with an elegant smile on stage, first asked you what skin trouble? Girls and women have raised their hands, out of oil, large pores, acne, acne, dry rough, dark shen, small fine lines, are our common problems.

And for the skin we also have a lot of wishes, we hope to have a Q-bomb of the United States, I hope the skin bright, not dark Shen, hope that the skin is rich do not have fine lines, I hope the skin is not sticky, for the skin, in fact, we are greedy. (Recommended reading: Are you sure? Seven days to solve the skin dark Shen Method )

Obviously want to eradicate annoying skin problems of the pursuit of the United States, but the reality of the lack of sleep, internal and external accumulation of pressure, air pollution and food imbalance and other factors, the maintenance of the skin than we think of more damage. Shayla Special pointed out that, in particular, modern people often difficult to relieve the pressure, the cuticle cells of the skin will atrophy due to excessive pressure, resulting in a decline in defensive function, so that we are not easy to maintain and makeup, so the skin problems repeatedly light red light, pressure is indeed reflected in the face. Try release the pressure to recover the health, take a breath to find the free

A series of products from Shiseido!

On the spot we suddenly have a sense of sudden, why skin condition is always unstable, why the skin is easy to rough dark Shen, the original behind the originator are too much pressure .

Shayla said that for modern people it is difficult to suddenly change the shape of life, pressure to suddenly disappear is also very difficult, so in addition to the recommended form of regular exercise habits, to help themselves to relieve pressure, but also recommend the use of life-form maintenance products! And she also recommended that everyone from the basis of the day-to-day maintenance began to start more attentively, take care of their skin.

Daily maintenance Three steps, from the Clean start love oneself

When you wash your face, do you really have the foam rubbing on your hands foaming? Do you wash your face hastily because you are in a hurry? Shayla smiled and asked, and said that in fact the key to clean in this "more rub a few seconds waiting for bubbles"! Because more detailed foam has a larger surface area can take away the dirt on the face, so that the effect of facial cleanser more play to the extreme! But also be careful not to wash your face too long, so as not to take away the water on the faces of Yo! Shayla reminders. (same field Gayon: excessive cleanness, is the murderer that causes skin aging )

Then Shayla also explained the role of make-up water. In fact, with the right make-up water, you can soften the pressure and harden the atrophy of the skin cuticle, giving the skin new. Shayla and recommended the use of lint-free make-up cotton stained with make-up water, can be more no corner of the nasal alar and other places also received make-up water moisture.

The final emulsion and the use of cream, it is the last line of defense of the skin, covering the skin against the walls of the defense, maintenance of all-weather skin water tender. If there is a girl with dark skin, please remember this step! listen to Shayla's explanation, the scene has many girls also take out notes, one side to write down the practical content, side also waiting to go home to use the salon attached to the Shiseido products! (In a bag, we've got it. ) The Super Han lotion, Super Han lotion, purifying Cleansing soap , Shang powder honey, still quality luster Powder Cake card, porcelain glaze honey Lipstick + color attached card, is not very rich? )

Next, tell you the way to love your heart

Listen to your own words! Love the way of your heart

Do you love yourself? Have you ever lost yourself in love?

How would you answer that question? Is it necessary to lose yourself in love? Chloé, the author of a woman's obsession, shares a love story that every girl and woman can relate to.

Perhaps we have all been waiting for a person who will not turn back for us, we do everything but to get him a "love", our world around him, as if without his own world is not meaningless. Until one day, he left, all the meaning of life seems to be stolen for a moment ... but is this love, really still love? (Recommended reading: dear, how long will You love me?) )

Face sad, face heartbreak, face even oneself do not recognize oneself, Chloé with past experience of psychological consultation, put forward three a good solution, so that you can find yourself again.

1. To feel your own sadness

Although the whole society tells you, crying is no use, crying is the behavior of the weak. But we want to tell you that crying is useful, crying can help you vent your emotions, and it also makes you realize that "this thing has happened".

You may have heard a phrase called the Pain demands to be felt, pain needs to be felt. However, after feeling the pain, do not flee, do not obstruct, do not criticize these painful feelings. Because even the pain, he is your most authentic part.

2. Dialogue with yourself through various means

Remember to talk to yourself, perhaps by mumbling or writing, please record your million moods and go back to the story of the past.

In psychology, we believe that when you can write your story with him, it is actually helping you to go through this relationship again with a new vision. Your character becomes a bystander from the client, and after continuing to write, when one day you begin to see the story of your past in a different perspective, when there is a difference in your mind, in fact you are growing and healing yourself. Try write a brave letter for yourself every day

Perhaps reread the story, you will find that we have all the weight and emotional pressure on each other, and this relationship is actually suffocating, it is difficult to breathe. In the process of writing or dialogue, to understand oneself, but also to understand others.

3. Recognize that no one is born to you, except yourself.

The only person you can dominate is yourself.

We are not the masters of the world, even more unable to dominate others, of course, can not ask the world to follow our ideas, because the world does not for any one of us to rotate or stay.

But the world won't spin for us, but you can spin for your life. Just like no one is born to you, he was good to you, does not mean that he will be good to you all his life. But the only person who can always be good to you is yourself. We are never just waiting for the prince to save the princess, in fact, we are more than anyone else can solve their own problems. After a few bad relationships, we should thank the man who doesn't love you, because it is he who makes you a better woman, he lets you know that you are so powerful. (same field Gayon: exclusive interview with women fans: nine love Proverbs for Girls )

We are like a flower, even if the butterfly does not come, we can be proud to bloom. We no longer need to pass the love of others to prove that we are worthy of love, we no longer worry that others can not see our value, because we know our own good value.

Finally about love, Chloé wanted to give us a word: "Love should be painkiller (analgesics) rather than pain-maker (source of Pain)". If love is so painful, why should you love it? If you can't see yourself, it's not true love. So dear, go and see your love, to experience the appearance of your love, to feel the taste of your love. For it is only through constant exploration and awareness that you can bring a beautiful new life. (Recommended reading: love, is to have the courage to hurt )

This afternoon, there are very practical skin know, also have very spiritual growth of the gender dialogue, and we, also because finally slow down and their own coexistence, the world suddenly become good clarity. Not to the scene of you, but also hope to share with you the growth of the mood! Dear, we definitely deserve a beautiful and both inside and outside of life.

Finally, everyone put up their hands, to greet the good mood!